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Quickly Build High Performing Apps with New JSONForm in Alpha Anywhere

Last week, Alpha Software released a new type of UX control into the beta of Alpha Anywhere. It's called the JSONForm control, and makes designing and updating applications faster and easier. The JSONForm control also makes applications more performative, giving application end-users quick response times even when working with very large forms.

New JSONForm builder for building JSONForm controls.

This new feature is inspired by the design of Alpha TransForm, which relies on this same underlying technique. Instead of laying our individual controls on a form, one for each field, the developer instead can add a single JSONForm control that contains all of the fields in it. The result is a UX that's easier for the designer to work with, while producing much lighter weight code, making the UX load very quickly, and providing a better end user experience.

JSONForm controls work with text fields, date fields, images, and other controls. They also include containers for laying out responsive forms, similar to what you find today in the UX. Creating and configuring is a simple point-and-click process for the developer, while behind the scenes the controls definition is actually stored in JSON, allowing the developer to make tweaks - or create a system that automatically generates forms based on existing data.

The feature also includes built-in genies, allowing you to build out a working form in a matter of a few minutes.


You can try this feature right now in the prerelease, and Alpha anticipates it being released into production within the next two weeks.

For more information, refer to the Demo and Q&A video featuring Alpha's President and Co-Founder, Selwyn Rabins.

There are a collection of short explainer videos available in the prerelease notes. 

If you build UX controls in Alpha Anywhere, this is a feature you'll want to check out.

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