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Mobile Forms Beta Week 2

Mobile forms UI remains a critical focus for developer training at Alpha Software.

We have been seeing some great feedback on the Mobile Form Forums in the last two weeks during the beta. This post is intended to highlight some interesting conversations, ideas, projects, or threads from our mobile forms beta program. The tablet forms beta is available to any and all current customers. Tablet forms refers to new features and functionality being added to Alpha Anywhere to enable you to quickly build tablet and mobile forms optimized to run on mobile devices. If you'd like to join the tablet forms beta, head over to the Mobile Form Capabilities Beta registration page and fill out the form. It's that easy!

In the Mobile Forms Forums

This week, we want to highlight a few Hot Topics in the Beta Forum:

Tablet Training Videos: What do YOU need

We want to gather feedback about the type of videos users need. People have been suggesting some great topics, including resizing images before uploading them to the server and generating dynamic question lists. We're always looking for more suggestions.

Introduction to the FormView Control

Learn about the FormView Control, one of the core components of the new tablet features. Scott Tepper, a beta user, had this to say about the video: "A very helpful video. Recommended viewing."

Custom Keypads

Dan Bricklin, Alpha Software CTO, produced an excellent 45 minute video about how the kepads in the sample tablet app were built, providing the base knowledge needed to adapt the keypads to your own applications. We'd love to know what kind of keypads you will need for your tablet applications.

Problems Adapting the Demo App

This thread has produced a lot of great information, including how to to build a tablet application backed by a SQL data source. You can also download Bob Beadell's modified Sample App, which he is modifying to meet his particular needs.

Tablet Beta Contest

Alpha Software is running a Mobile Forms Contest! There are only 3 weeks left to submit an application for the chance to win a new iPad Air 2. Check out the contest page for more details and post your questions on the Mobile Forms Beta Forum.

Joining the Beta

If you're not a part of the mobile forms beta, you can learn more information about the program and sign-up on the Mobile Form Capabilities Beta page.
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