Mobile Forms Beta Weekly Summary - Week 4

We have been seeing some great feedback on the Mobile Forms Beta Forum in during week 4 of the beta. This post is intended to highlight some interesting conversations, ideas, projects, or threads from our mobile optimized forms beta program. In addition to these occasional blog posts, we also keep a resources thread up-to-date with the latest information for creating mobile forms. If you can't find what you're looking for or want to share your experience, be sure to let us know in the mobile forms forum. We are more than happy to provide you with more documentation, examples, or videos to help you out.

In the Mobile Forms Forums

This week, we want to highlight several Learning threads. These threads focus on new features for building forms for tablets and smartphones.

The theme for Learning threads in this week's summary is "Editors". Editors are controls that allow you to edit data in your mobile form. Editors are unique to previous methods for editing data in that they are shared across multiple fields. Learning threads serve a two fold purpose. They teach you how to utilize Editors in your tablet applications. They also provide a place to ask questions about or share Editors you may have created.

Introduction to the FormView Control

Learn the basics of editing data in a FormView control using Editors and Editor Sets. This is introductory information that will help build the foundation for creating and using other types of Editors.

Switch Editors

Editors for form fields are rendered separately from the form data. Switch editors are an in-line editor for fields with a fixed set of states - such as logical fields. They let you both see and edit the value in the field without having to design a full-fledged editor.

Dropdown Box Editor

With one dropdown box, you can edit any number of fields. You can even support Cascading Dropdown Boxes. This keeps your UX Component lightweight while allowing you deliver a great user experience.

Ink Control

The Ink control is a new control introduced in the Beta. You can easily capture handwritten notes, drawings, annotate images, and more with minimal coding required. Learn how you can utilize this control, data storage requirements, and more.

Join the Beta

If you're not a part of the beta and would like to start building forms optimized for touch interfaces, head on over to our sign-up page to learn more!

Tablet Beta Contest

The mobile forms beta contest has been extended until the release of phase 2 of the touch optimized form features. For more information about the contest and how to submit your custom mobile form designs, click here.
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