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Alpha Anywhere and the Magic of Low Code Application Development


When it’s time to develop and deploy your business application, consider Alpha  Anywhere with its Low Code approach to RMAD.

Side note: Coding is a wonderful thing because it gives developers ultimate power and control. On the other hand coding also takes time and 
requires specialized skills. The goal of Alpha Anywhere is to minimize the code you have to write (thereby gaining great productivity,)
while at the same time letting you code if you want to or need for highly specialized or unique requirements.

RMAD stands for Rapid Mobile Application Development and Deployment and it means that the system is designed to build applications in significantly less time than traditional coding.

The advantages of RMAD are obvious. Instead of writing and debugging line after line of code to create your application, you instead build your application visually, and let the underlying system write the code for you.

It is worth noting that Gartner research reports are now indicating that RMAD will account for over 50% of the enterprise mobile app development in the next 5 years.

The code that Alpha Anywhere produces has already been tested and optimized, saving you a great deal of time - both when you create the application for the first time and when you go back to make changes and refinements.

You may be aware however that traditionally RMAD or RAD (Rapid Application Development) products had some big limitations, especially when it came to customizing application functionality or optimizing the end-user experience. With traditional RMAD or RAD systems, developers often complain (and for good reason) that they simply run out of power before the job can be completed - that is akin to a 1000 foot bridge only stretching to 950 feet! That’s because with traditional RMAD or RAD, if a feature isn’t included in the system, there’s no way for the developer to build it. This is clearly a huge problem!

That’s where Alpha’s low code approach really shines.

The experienced designers of Alpha Anywhere have anticipated most requirements of your application and have created the code for you, yielding incredible productivity. But if you have a special requirement not anticipated by Alpha Anywhere - that is not a problem, Alpha Anywhere enables you to drill down as deep as you want and add your own code on either the front end or the back end.

And Alpha Anywhere facilitates this by making hooks available to the events in your application to which you can add your own JavaScript. Some common hooks are for events like tapping a button, opening a form, scrolling the screen, exiting a field, and literally hundreds more. And Alpha Anywhere even makes creating the Javascript easier by including a robust Javascript editor with a unique technology called Action Javacript - a wizard driven approach to writing code that produces clean Javascript for a very wide variety of common tasks.

A crucial difference with Alpha Anywhere is that unlike standard Code Generators, you can still make changes to your application using the RMAD approach without losing any of your custom coding.

Alpha Anywhere also takes the same approach with HTML and CSS. At any point you can freely modify the HTML  and the CSS, without danger of your code being overwritten when you make edits to your application.

If the Alpha Anywhere  RMAD and Low Code sound like a good approach to you, give us try by signing up for the Alpha Anywhere Starter kit which includes videos, tutorials, and a free trial.

For a more technical overview - check out this 7 minute video by Alpha's CTO Dan Bricklin

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The Alpha platform is the only unified mobile and web app development and deployment environment with distinct “no-code” and “low-code” components. Using the Alpha TransForm no-code product, business users and developers can take full advantage of all the capabilities of the smartphone to turn any form into a mobile app in minutes, and power users can add advanced app functionality with Alpha TransForm's built-in programming language. IT developers can use the Alpha Anywhere low-code environment to develop complex web or mobile business apps from scratch, integrate data with existing systems of record and workflows (including data collected via Alpha TransForm), and add additional security or authentication requirements to protect corporate data.