Will Smartphones Soon be Obsolete?

WearablesWalk around the streets of any major city today and it’s hard to believe people will ever relinquish their cell phones.  A Q1 survey by Flurry reported that time spent on mobile devices was up 117% in 2015 compared to 2014. But one CEO is daring to predict the end of the smartphone.

A member of the board of Deutsche Telekom AG, Claudia Nemat, smartphones will be relics displayed in museums in 10 years. She predicts that smart clothing and other wearables will come with embedded chips for connectivity, eliminating the need for specialized devices meant for communication alone and replacing the smartphones of today.

We see more and more interest from organizations beginning to drive more and more business processes to smartphones and tablets, so we’re not ready to say smartphones are on their way out just yet.  However, we do see the future in wearables and recently reported on the massive growth in the wearables market as enterprises begin to spend more and more on these technologies. It’s an important trend for developers to watch and be prepared for, so we recently announced Alpha WatchBench to help.

Alpha WatchBench

Alpha WatchBench

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