Alpha Anywhere is a gold sponsor of Premier Conference for Fox Pro Developers.

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In its day one of the most successful products for building database apps for business was FoxPro.

Ultimately FoxpPro was purchased by Microsoft and then Microsoft went off in different directions. However, hundreds of thousands of Foxpro Apps were built (as were even more Access Apps.) These apps still server very important functions for many companies and enterprises.

With the shift to mobile (and the web) many of these apps are going to have to be extended or replace with mobile (and web) apps for competitive reasons. See the above chart

We are finding that one area where Alpha Anywhere shines in is doing precisely this Рie  taking existing operational apps built in products like MS Access, FoxPro, Powerbuilder, Delphi and VP and extending them or replacing them with modern mobile (and web apps) rapidly and more cost effectively than with any other solution.

Accordingly we have signed on as a Gold Sponsor this years Premier Conference for FoxPro Developers who are looking to a future where mobile and the web are increasingly critical

For more info on the event check out their site