Alpha Anywhere Wins Multiple Awards from FinancesOnline

FinancesOnline, a popular review platform for software and B2B services, recently published a detailed review of Alpha Anywhere in which reviewers praised the rapid mobile application development and deployment environment for its innovation and customer satisfaction levels. The RMAD platform was recognized for two awards:

  • the 2017 Rising Star Award

  • the 2017 Great User Experience Award.

Alpha Anywhere  Receives FinancesOnline Awards

Expert reviewers at FinancesOnline recognized Alpha Software for delivering on product promises, and for its high level of customer satisfaction. They recognized Alpha Anywhere for:

“…providing companies with a straightforward and intuitive mobile business application development platform that simplifies and accelerates the whole app development process without having tons of coding and development expertise. It is a unified solution that enables users to build mobile applications that are specifically customized for specific tasks and processes and capable of running smoothly across devices and operating systems and integrate with existing applications and workflows.”

The 2017 Rising Star Award for best IT development software granted to Alpha Anywhere is testament to the software’s potential as a game changer in mobile app development space. The review team expects more developers will turn to the solution’s integrated platform that makes client-server tools accessible in one place.

With both front-end and back-end covered by the RMAD architecture, the software significantly cuts short the idea-to-deployment cycle of mobile apps. This, the reviewers said, makes Alpha Anywhere an important tool in any developer’s kit.

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