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Alpha Mobile App BootCamp at Alpha DevCon 2018

October 10-12, 2018 • Orlando, FL

Mobile business applications have been growing dramatically over the last few years and have now reached a point of inflection where mobile application development will outstrip any other kind of application development by a 5 to 1 factor.

To be competitive in this environment, you and your company must become adept at mobile application development immediately --  That is why we have designed DevCon 2018 to be "Alpha Mobile Bootcamp."

The combination of Alpha’s extraordinarily capable platform for mobile app development and deployment, plus the intense learning focus of this event will allow you to materially boost your mobile app development skills and knowledge.

Join us in Orlando, Florida this October and you will walk away confident in your ability to quickly and efficiently address your company’s or client’s mobile app requirements.

Build enterprise-class mobile apps in much less time than your competitors and learn to:

• deliver outstanding mobile-optimized user experiences

• quickly interconnect your mobile apps with any system of record or popular database

• deploy and scale mobile and web apps quickly and easily

• build-out existing desktop web solutions to support mobile apps.


Here’s the type of content we’ve assembled for Alpha DevCon 2018 to significantly enhance your mobile app development skills:


Introduction to the Comprehensive Alpha Mobile App Development Platform

Learn how Alpha Anywhere and Alpha TransForm work together as a single standard for mobile and web app development.  Mobile apps that once took days now take just minutes or hours. By combining the power of both, customers and developers gain massive competitive advantages. Customers see accelerated time to value, and development organizations can now prototype and complete projects in a fraction of the time compared to other developers.

Adding Amazing New Functionality to Your Mobile and Web Apps with APIs

OCR, payment processing, media streaming, SMS messaging, language translation, route mapping, text to speech - if you can think of it, there is probably already an API to do it. In this session you'll learn where to find these APIs and how to add amazing functionality to your mobile and desktop/web applications. Topics include the API explorer, OAS, Swagger - and everything you need to know.

Creating and Publishing Your Own Web Services Using APIs

Publishing APIs with Alpha Anywhere. APIs have revolutionized the way software is created and deployed. Online banking, e-commence, and all modern systems of record rely on APIs to exchange information. And, by the end of this session, you'll come up away with the skills to create and publish your own web services - for you use with other Alpha apps - or apps written using any other platform or language.

Lightning Fast Mobile App Deployments and Redeployments

Gain the skills you need to deploy new mobile apps in minutes and update apps in seconds, using a suite of Alpha technologies, including PhoneGap shell, Alpha Launch and Instant Update. See methods of adding mobile apps to complement existing systems and workflows.

Deconstructing a rich Web and Mobile App

We'll start backwards! In this session, we'll take a functioning web and mobile application, and pull it apart piece by piece to see how it was made. You'll leave with a strong understanding of the best practices for designing, architecting and developing both mobile and desktop/web apps in Alpha Anywhere. •

For System Integrators and IT Consulting Partners: Growing Your Business with Alpha

The addition of Alpha TransForm to the Alpha line-up opens up exciting new opportunities for our enterprise customers, and system integrators and IT consultant partners. Hear how TransForm is being used to create apps that digitize a broad range of business workflows and processes, and is being utilized as a mobile app front-end for existing desktop solutions. Learn from a panel of Alpha Software developers as they share experiences and practical advice on how to demonstrate business value, build support for your projects and grow your business.


There will also be hands-on training sessions and round-tables covering architecture, UX design, security and programming. This is an experience you’ll only get onsite working with the Alpha Software team at DevCon.


Catch the Mobile App Tsunami: To take advantage of the latest DevCon registration offers and packages, or to work with our team to develop paperwork to justify your travel to your boss (or to take advantage of your organization’s training budget for travel to DevCon) contact our sales team:

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Richard Rabins
Richard Rabins

Co-founder of Alpha Software, Richard Rabins focuses on strategy, sales, and marketing. Richard also served as CEO of SoftQuad International from 1997 to 2001, when it owned Alpha. In addition to his 30 years with the company, Richard played a key role as co-founder, and served as president and chairman of the Massachusetts Software Council (now the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council), the largest technology trade organization in Massachusetts. Prior to founding Alpha, Richard was a project leader and consultant with Information Resources, Inc. (IRI), and a management consultant with Management Decision Systems, Inc. Richard holds a master's degree in system dynamics from the Sloan School at MIT, and a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and master's degree in control engineering from University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. He has served on the boards of Silent Systems, Legacy Technology and O3B Networks, and is co-founder of Tubifi

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