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Alpha Software Helps Launch Data Management Consulting Firm

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OlaLekan Odenusi, a Nigerian electronic records management consultant and application developer based in Swaziland knew he had the intelligence, organization skills and background necessary for helping businesses and governments better manage their documents and business workflows. He knew that for maximum efficiency, they had to move away from their old paper-based ways of handling data, and instead do it electronically. He had a clear vision of how it should be done.

But he lacked one thing: programming skills. Odenusi had never received technical training in how to write applications. And without being able to write applications, he knew he would never be able to reach his dream of launching a consulting business to help businesses and agencies move from paper-based records to electronic ones.

And then, in 2012, he discovered Alpha Software.

“At that time, I had no skills for creating applications to help clients,” he remembers. “I didn’t know any programming languages, or have training in any software that would help. But when I came across Alpha, that changed. It was clear to me that Alpha would let me do exactly what I needed.”

He was up and running almost immediately. It took him only two weeks, he says, to teach himself the basics of how to write applications with Alpha. Shortly after that, he began to dig into Alpha’s more complex functions. And soon after that, he started his company, O-Tres Agencies, and hasn’t looked back since.

“What’s most useful about Alpha that it lets me craft applications to suite the unique needs of each client,” he explains. “When it comes to electronic records data management, it’s not one size fits all. Every company or agency is different. And with Alpha, I can write customized applications for them, depending on their data needs and workflows, very easily and efficiently.”

Odenusi has learned over time that for large companies and government agencies, it’s best to start at the departmental level and move up from there. Trying to move an entire business or major government agency all at once from paper to electronic data is often too complex from business, technical and organizational perspectives.

With Alpha Anywhere, he can quickly create applications for specific purposes and specific departments. Because of that, O-Tres Agencies is today a thriving company. And he says he has Alpha to thank for that.

“I owe a lot to Alpha Software,” he says. “Not only does Alpha make it easy to write data-management applications, it also lets me quickly customize the applications when a customer comes to me six months later and say they want to add new features. I would recommend it to anyone, whether they’re just starting out and don’t have programming skills, or whether they have a solid technical background.”

You can find out more about Odenusi’s services at his website, O-Tres Agencies.

Odenusi’s comprehensive fleet management application Fleet.sys:


Odenusi’s OpenCollege applications lets learning providers serve courses to learners who have limited or no access to internet.


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