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What Is No-Code App Development? Benefits Of No-Code Programming

No-code app development is the future of the business app development process. Read 5 reasons why citizen developers are using no-code software to build mobile applications and web applications.

Top analysts agree that the best no-code software is the future of app development. Forrester says, for example, that no-code/low code tools will be responsible for a full 75 percent of application development by the end of 2021. And Gartner predicts that no-code development will account for more than 70% of all app development by 2025.

no code app developmentBut why is that? What is it about no-code application development and no-code platforms that make it so vital to businesses, professional developers and business users alike?

What is No-Code Software?

Instead of traditional computer programming, no-code development platforms (NCDPs) allow programmers and non-programmers to construct application software using graphical user interfaces.

Unlike low-code development platforms, no-code development platforms do not require any coding at all, and instead provide pre-built templates, drag and drop interfaces, visual programming languages or intuitive text input capabilities which allow business users to create task-based apps.  

As corporations deal with the concurrent trends of an increasingly mobile workforce and a limited supply of competent software engineers, these platforms have grown in popularity. According to Emergen Research, the U.S. no-code development platforms market was valued in 2020 at $12.17 billion. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR rate of 24.2%.

Benefits of No-Code Software

What are the benefits of using this innovative software? The article, "How low-code development can help small businesses" offers plenty of answers. The benefits of rapid application development with no-code development platforms are just as true for the largest enterprises and medium-sized businesses as they are for small businesses.

The article describes the top-line benefits of no-code development this way: “Anyone from a project manager to an IT specialist can create and deploy cross-platform apps for multiple functions like sales, marketing, finance, HR, internal administration, employee collaboration, etc. Further, low-code platforms can even help set up front-end applications likes customer portal apps for users to log in and get access to information.”

The Power of No-Code App Development

The article lists these specific benefits of no-code tools:

  • It’s cost-efficient. The article notes that the platforms “can empower functional teams and users to build apps quickly, which without low-code can sometimes take months or years to develop. Moreover, low-code projects require minimum programming expertise and, because most platforms are cloud-based, organizations save money on overhead costs. Businesses that adopt low-code also save money that would otherwise be spent on hiring and training app developers.”no code application development lets you build apps without coding
  • It’s easy to use for everyone. The article says that low-code platforms help citizen developers and IT to work together to best meet a business's needs. It notes “The platforms utilize visual interfaces through flexible drag and drop features, making them user-friendly and accessible to professionals from varying proficiency levels.”
  • It works for both simple and comprehensive processes. It can build both simple solutions and complete ones. The article says, “The development platforms support not only one-off projects and ad-hoc needs but also major strategic programs like ERPs that integrate with a company’s existing processes.”
  • The options are unlimited. The article points out: “Companies can leverage low-code platforms to build applications that cover a range of uses. They can do everything from modernizing and automating processes to constructing process automation solutions, business process management applications, and more. Additionally, the flexibility of the low-code platforms allows business teams to stay ahead of changing market needs by modifying live applications and applying changes quickly.”
  • Low-code facilitates growth. The article concludes by noting that low-code solutions can easily scale, allowing businesses to “add new functionality, and remove existing ones as they grow and become more complex, all without having to migrate from one solution to another.” So a business can start off by creating and managing a small codebase, and grow it at the company’s preferred pace.
    The article says, “This allows you to begin by managing a small codebase and steadily progress at your own speed. The rapid roll-out of apps is made possible by a comprehensive ecosystem of intuitive visual builders, ready to use code snippets, form and report templates, and built-in connectors.”
  • It allows employees to focus on what they do best. Citizen developers are on the front lines, managing business processes every day. They understand where the process is slow and cumbersome, where more information is needed, and what customers need. They're in an excellent position to conceive new app ideas or streamline processes when they're given the freedom and tools to be creative. 
    In turn, software developers are most valuable when they're developing complex apps or solving advanced technical problems for companies. Their time is not best spent doing mundane, routine coding that could be automated.  No-code solutions free up developers to work on critical projects.

The Best Low-Code/No-Code Software

the best low code no code softwareAlpha Software offers the best no-code/low-code application platform for mobile app development. The software includes offline apps enterprise security and integrations with data sources and other applications.

Alpha TransForm no-code software helps business users craft online or offline mobile apps in minutes. The apps can utilize the latest mobile features (camera, GPS, etc.) for fast, accurate data capture. Developers can even tie the apps into business process management systems. Learn more about Alpha TransForm no-code app builder.

Alpha Anywhere low code app development software has the unique ability to rapidly create applications and mobile forms that can easily access and integrate with any database or web service and can exploit built-in role-based security or robust offline functionality. Build low code apps for free with Alpha Anywhere Community Edition.

Use no-code software to become a citizen developer.

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