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Consulting Group Cuts Costs, Speeds Up Development with Alpha Software

Axsapt Business Solutions builds custom solutions with Alpha Software, slashes development time, and enables Agile Development.

What’s the “secret sauce” for companies involved in importing, distribution, wholesaling, and other kinds of businesses – the thing that makes them stand out against their competitors? It’s efficient logistics -- making sure goods are moved quickly and accurately, tracked properly, and delivered at the right time. That includes making sure their business processes and staff are as productive as possible, in order to reduce costs, deliver products to customers at lower prices, and improve their bottom line.

Cut costs, speed business activitySo when Axsapt Business Solutions, an Australian-based consulting group, had to build custom solutions for their clients, they knew exactly where to turn: To no-code/low-code solutions from Alpha Software.

Axsapt provides two types of services – helping companies find the best existing software solutions to run their businesses, and writing custom solutions if the companies determine that’s the best way to go.

Rick Polito, Axsapt co-founder and Director of Development, says that when the company went full-bore into writing custom solutions, they chose Alpha Software because “It was the only one that truly allows you to write almost the entire application without writing code. And when you need to add JavaScript or other coded elements, you can do it easily.”

Equally important, he says that “It works with all the databases we have to access, including those from Oracle and Microsoft.”

Overall, he says, “We don’t have to do any heavy lifting because it’s easy to use, including tick boxes, and fields that let you quickly build an app from scratch.”

Using Alpha, he says, has led to considerable benefits both for Axsapt and its clients. Thanks to Alpha’s ease of use, Axsapt can far more easily hire people to write custom applications, because they don’t need to be developers. “With Alpha, anyone who understands database structures can write applications,” he says. That leads to a far larger talent pool than if the company used traditional coding solutions and had to hire professional developers.

Speed of app creation

In addition, applications can be built far more quickly with Alpha than by writing code, due to Alpha’s wizards, pre-defined invoice screens, and similar tools, he says. “You don’t have to write anything from scratch,” he explains. “And that means you can prototype far more quickly and deliver completed solutions far more quickly.” It also means, he says, that when clients want changes made, they can be done far more quickly as well.

“We can deliver apps in weeks rather than months or a year,” he explains. He cites an example in which “Our programmer at the time insisted on doing a project in C# which he estimated would take 30 days and it ended up taking six months. That project wasn’t fully completed and is now difficult to maintain and change. Our other projects written in Alpha take considerably less time to develop and are relatively easy to maintain and extend as our clients’ needs evolve.”

“Clients appreciate they can quickly see prototypes, request changes, and get back iterations, rather than wait for a nearly completed app,“ Polito said.

Because of all this, he says, Alpha Software has helped Axsapt attract new clients and retain existing ones because of how pleased they are with the applications. It has also helped Axsapt improve productivity and reduce costs.

“Many people talk about Agile Development, but with Alpha, it’s actually possible,” he says. “I also appreciate that Alpha constantly adds new features, so it’s always up to date with the latest technologies. I’d recommend it anyone.”

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