Study Finds Mobile Improves Employee Productivity and Loyalty

Economist IU LogoCompanies pay lip service in saying that deploying mobile technology and apps improves employee performance, but when it comes to proving it, they typically don’t have real data to back it up. Now, a new study makes it clear: Mobile yields measurable, sizable business benefits in employee engagement, productivity, loyalty, and more.

The global study done by the Economist Intelligence Unit, titled “Mobility, Performance and Engagement” surveyed 1,865 employees around the globe, and found that companies who employees rate as mobile pioneers see rises in productivity (16%), creativity (18%), satisfaction (23%) and loyalty (21%) compared to organizations rated poorly at supporting mobile technology.

The Numbers Tell the Mobile Story

Employees say that mobile offers them big benefits – and their employers’ reap benefits as well. Sixty percent of employees surveyed said mobile technology makes them more productive. Forty-five percent of employees said mobile make them more creative.

One of mobile’s biggest benefits, employees report, is the ability to work anytime, anywhere. Forty-nine percent of employees said this has the greatest impact on improving their productivity, while 38% said it has the greatest impact on how satisfied they are with their employer.

Mobile helps collaboration, and employees value that. Effective collaboration was rated the most important factor affecting creativity (38%). An additional one-third of respondents said it has the greatest impact on their loyalty. Also important is employees’ access to information via mobile, with 42% of employees reporting that the ability to access information quickly and easily has the greatest impact on their productivity.

Pete Swabey, Sr. Editor, Economist Intelligence Unit

Pete Swabey, Sr. Editor, Economist Intelligence Unit

Pete Swabey, senior editor at The Economist Intelligence Unit summarized the report’s findings in this way: “This report proves that CIOs have the opportunity to use their mobile technology strategies to influence the employee experience – and therefore the productivity, creativity, loyalty and satisfaction of their workers. This is a departure from the usual target outcomes of efficiency and cost optimization, and allows IT to make a more meaningful contribution, both to the strategic ambitions of the organization and to the lives of its workers.”

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