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Announcing The TransForm Web Filler Release

AlphaTransForm2022Trans2-1There is some exciting news from Alpha Software. We have added to the versatility of our mobile TransForm App with a new addition, a web-based filler for creating, filling out, and submitting forms. The web filler lets users who don't have access to a mobile device fill out forms, allowing you to expand your use of TransForm throughout your organization.






Just as with the mobile app, a user can now choose forms in the new Web Filler And when a form is selected, the form functions much as it would in the mobile app


In addition to rolling out a new web app, we've also upgraded the Alpha TransForm mobile form filler application framework as part of our commitment to keeping Alpha TransForm up-to-date and in compliance with the App Store and Google Play requirements. We're confident you won't notice this change.

Other New Features and Changes

This release is not without other notable improvements. We're constantly iterating to ensure our product is reliable. We've made additional improvements throughout TransForm Central and the filler application. For example, location fields now only display the Map of the location if the device can connect to Alpha TransForm's Servers and your login has not expired, and other usability improvements.

Bug Fixes in TransForm Web Filler Release

And last but not least, we took care of some issues a few folks encountered. Of course, our goal is always to prevent these problems from ever making it into our products, but at the end of the day, we're still human.

  • Improved form rendering
  • Various TPL fixes
  • Scan button disabled if field is configured to automatically open the scanner if the value is blank
  • Fixed issue with API endpoint where API calls would fail if a form id contained characters that required URL encoding
  • Fixed issue where the editorCatchAll event didn't fire.
  • Fixed issue where Upload One would hang after changing a form's status using the Change Status button.
  • Fixed issue where an error message would appear when saving a new form design.

For more information see the Release Notes.



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