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How Mobile Technology is Driving Massive Changes in Asset Management

Guest blog by Lindsey Walker, marketing manager at NEXGEN Asset Management.NEXGEN Asset Management

Wondering how mobile asset tracking can drive operational efficiencies and cost reductions? If you are running an asset-intensive enterprise, this breakthrough innovation will ensure that you are fully equipped to address the unique challenges that crop up with inventory tracking and management. Let us take a look at the key benefits of implementing mobile technology for managing your assets:

1.    Ease of Access

It is vital that organizations are empowered to monitor and control their access even in a BYOD environment. From location to condition to custody, mobile asset tracking gives real-time updates by attaching a GPS device or passive RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags to your high-value assets. Mobile gives instant access to warehousing, utilities, logistics and distribution through web applications and cloud services.

2.    Low Upfront Cost

When you embrace mobile technology, you don’t need to invest on expensive system installations, new hardware, latest software solutions and employ an IT team to manage and monitor them. With mobile technology you won’t have to spend time on installing updated versions and checking for system requirements every few months.

3.    Low Maintenance

Mobile technology is user-friendly, fully-functional, and easy to maintain even when you are managing complex projects. Mobile technology is increasingly interconnected which allows you to create an interactive brand experience and build constructive associations while managing operations at the lowest possible cost in the least time.

4.    Reliable Security

With mobile technology, you have all your sensitive business data and private information at your fingertips with first-rate security.

5.    Instant Upgrades

Mobile technology is upgrading at a stunning pace and with BYOD taking over enterprises, every worker needs a timely upgrade to track asset lifecycle at scheduled intervals. A mobile inventory management program that is up-to-date creates a satisfying and productive work environment. Mobile asset management solutions make it easy to update data, improve asset utilization and drive savings.

Successful enterprises know that boosting asset performance would bring down their costs and drive their ability to grow. They leverage the latest technologies to make the most of their assets which make a major source of business profitability.

Why Choose Low-Code Application Development for Deploying Custom Apps

Low-code app development is gaining ground in the market due to its time to market advantage and inherent business value, as organizations continue to adopt mobile apps. Processes that earlier took hours can now be accomplished in minutes with low-code app development. These platforms offer intuitive ways to develop and deploy asset-intensive apps while ensuring that management projects don’t transform into white elephants over time.

Asset management firms need a reliable and fast way to deliver apps – and low-code development platforms deliver maximum business value at the end of the tunnel by allowing apps to be iterated to integrate the end-user feedback in record time. With the rising demand for custom apps, low-code approaches are very much in demand. They eliminate the need to reinvent the wheel with every new project as they provide a single framework which is adequate to support the entire lifecycle of the app. From designing and building to deployment and iteration, their capabilities facilitate faster movement while ensuring greater software quality for better business outcomes.

Asset management companies can efficiently use low-code app development to create a dashboard that provides real-time reports for efficient management of workflow while exercising complete access control. This disruptive technology is driving innovations in many fields including utilities, oil & gas, manufacturing, public sector and life sciences. It has reduced rework by 20%, increased work capacity by 20% and productivity by 40%.

Lindsey Walker, marketing manager at NEXGEN Asset Management

Lindsey Walker, marketing manager at NEXGEN Asset Management

About the Author

Lindsey Walker works for NEXGEN Asset Management as their Marketing Manager. With a B.S in Business Information Management, she excels at business development, project management as well as asset management. Her passion for writing allows her to find time from her busy work schedule to share her knowledge on asset management, geographic information systems (GIS), software implementation, training curriculum development, and similar topics. When she isn't working or writing, she loves to work out, do puzzles and listen to instrumental music.
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Amy Groden-Morrison

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