In a Nutshell - Why Alpha Anywhere is rapidly gaining converts!

What Sets Alpha Anywhere Apart From Other Development and Deployment Platforms?

It is engineered to deal with real world challenges (such as limited budgets, limited number of skilled personnel and limited development time) to ensure that companies and developers using it are successful!

In order to be competitive, businesses need to quickly develop large numbers of custom mobile (and web) apps. But currently, building enterprise-level mobile and web applications is way too hard, time consuming and costly because of issues like:

    • screen real estate constraints

    • devices orientation

    • additional security considerations caused by mobile

    • the need to run on multiple brands of mobile devices and the desktop web

    • the need to adress the reality that 3g/4g/wifi is not always available

    • the need to adopt a touch/swipe and gesture user interface

    • the need to work with SQL data, data from corporate systems and web services

With the current crop of mobile development platforms, companies are failing to build the number of apps they need and that rate that need.

According to IDC Research, 61 % of Fortune 500 companies have only built 3 or fewer mobile apps. (Contrast that with the hundreds of web and client server apps they have running and it is clear that the gap between the desire for mobile business apps and the reality is huge! - check out this video at (password: alpha101))

So what is the problem with the current platforms for building mobile business apps?

The existing platforms for mobile app development for business are either:

    1. Too code oriented and require too much time and money and require developers with very specialized skills (who are hard to find), or

    1. Take a no-code approach which inevitably results in "road-blocks" when it comes to solving real world needs

This is why we developed Alpha Anywhere .

With the new Alpha Anywhere 3.0 you can prototype, develop and deploy secure and robust offline-capable cross-platform mobile and web business applications FAST.
Ok so what makes Alpha Anywhere different?

Low-Code approach to app development.
Gives you the power and productivity you need because coding IS possible, but Alpha Anywhere 3.0 minimize the situations wherein you need to code.

Current systems are either coding centric (high code = expensive because of time/resources drain and are error prone) or no-code systems that invariably fall short when they run out of power and are not able to get the job completed.Alpha Anywhere's low-code, model driven development platform minimizes code to acheive very high productivity but lets developers code when necessary to ensure that the job can be completed.
Watch the video explanation


Complete Set Of Features. Everything you need is built in, but because of Alpha Anywhere's open architecture you can always add your own tools on both the client side and the server side. Also because Alpha Five uses HTML5 and PhoneGap technologies, developers who have an understanding of the web can become proficient mobile developers in days.

Alpha Anywhere boasts a complete set of features to ensure productivity:

Role based security with mobile device management
Banded multiPass reporting and charting
Video and image support
Seamless Adobe PhoneGap Integration built-in
Standards Based with seamless data integration (SQL, NoSQL, Web Services, HTML5, open architecture, extensible, Node.js, etc.)


Front-End AND Back-end capabilities are included because business mobile apps almost always involve creating a great user experience against back end data and systems.

Business apps require both front- and back-end functionality, but the vast majority of current platforms solve only the front-end OR the back-end.Alpha Anywhere solves the entire problem of building enterprise-level mobile apps quickly and easily, by addressing both the front-end AND the back-end.


Offline Capabilities Built-Right in so with Alpha Anywhere 3.0 adding support for applications that have to work when there is no signal, weak signal or unpredictable signal does not add time or cost to your development effort

According to VDC Research 89% of enterprises regard offline capabilities as critical for real world apps, but adding offline support can often "triple the time and cost of devleopment" (Wired Magazine).Alpha Anywhere's built-in offline solution lets developers build apps that can work even when there is no signal—adding NO incremental time or cost to the development process. Watch the offline video demo

Linking to Enterprise Databases
Conflict Resolution
User Control
Data Integrity
Persisting Local Data
Intelligent synchronization

More details are here

Alpha Anywhere is the newest release in a long line of innovation
since Alpha Anywhere 1.0 was released in July 2013

To ensure that you don't miss out on the steady pace of innovation in Alpha Anywhere please contact to find out about the affordable Alpha Anywhere subscription that keeps you current and provides you with access to all the new and ongoing updates, enhancements and improvements in Alpha Anywhere



See the Kinds of Applications You Can Build Quickly with Alpha Anywhere

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3 Minute Video of an Application You Can Build in a Few Hours

Developer Turns Idea Into a Rich, Data Driven Mobile App in 3 Days Using Alpha Anywhere

AlphaRef Reader Documentation and Reference App Overview

See more examples at our Case Studies page and then see real world data from Alpha developers on the true costs of building mobile and web apps at our Pricing page.



Building Mobile Apps with a Low Code Platform Isn't Enough. You Need Offline Application Capabilities as Well.
Learning and Using Alpha Anywhere - just got easier with the new instant video finder

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Richard Rabins

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