New MySchoolAnywhere Mobile App Improves School Communications for Thousands of Parents Nationwide

MySchoolAnywhere, the leader in school directory and PTO management software, has launched their new mobile app for iOS and Android. Built on the AlphaAnywhere platform, this new app offers an interactive, online directory for parents to communicate with other families and teachers, volunteer, and keep on top of the school calendar.

MySchoolAnywhere eliminates the manual systems still prominent in many parent associations today. Their service streamlines the collection of family information for the directory, improves communication via email, provides a full featured online store for fundraising and membership tracking and allows parent to quickly volunteer for events and activities at the school. To date, the web application, built in Alpha Anywhere, services Parent Teacher Organizations (PTO) in approximately 1,000 schools across the nation.

Founders Tracie and Jay Oken realized that parents needed a rich, mobile app to serve a growing base of parents using smartphones and tablets, even while offline. In 2016, they began to expand the existing Alpha Anywhere web application as a mobile app. This week, the company announced that MySchoolAnywhere is now available on the Google Play Store and iTunes.

Features include:

  • Quickly search for other parents and students at the school and create a personal list of favorites
  • Easily look up teacher contact information
  • Check the school calendar
  • Signup for volunteering activities

“Just like when we moved our desktop app to the web in 2013, without Alpha Anywhere it would have cost 3 times as much and taken 3 times as long to get an app built that we could submit to the app stores.”

Parents are very excited about the new app and being able to get critical school information, even when they don’t have an internet connection. “We love the new app! It’s super easy for parents to access school information and connect with other parents. And because we’ve added this as an incentive for membership, our membership numbers have never been better!” said Laurie at Weatherstone Elementary.

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