Video: Alpha Anywhere Aces Offline Applications

Alpha Anywhere is able to build enterprise mobile and web apps rapidly because of the key differentiators outlined in this blog post.

We are creating a series of very short videos designed to explain and show off these key differentiators. The first of these videos "Alpha Aces Off-Line Apps" is shown below. Apps that require an internet connection to work aren't really mobile apps. Building applications that work when the device is in offline mode makes apps truly mobile. Alpha Anywhere provides out-of-the-box offline support for mobile apps. You can easily create mobile applications that work offline with little to no code required on your part. This is accomplished through the use of local storage to cache data offline.

Watch this video to learn more about offline capabilities in Alpha Anywhere. We hope you find it useful.

For more info on building offline capable mobile apps with Alpha Anywhere, please read on.

The Only Platform That Has Built-in Offline Support with No Added Cost or Time

According to Forrester Research's recent report "The Offline Mobile Challenge," offline capability will be "a consideration for nearly every future modern application" and is "often the most important and difficult mobile feature" to implement.

But, "Adding offline capabilities to an app can more than triple its development complexity [and cost]” according to Wired Magazine (June 2014)—unless you use Alpha Anywhere. Alpha Anywhere is the only platform in which robust transactional offline support is built directly in. The apps you build in Alpha Anywhere can be built to work smoothly offline with no incremental cost or time.

The new release of Alpha Anywhere "supports a very robust solution for HTML5 implementations" needing offline.

- Forrester Research September 2014 report, "The Offline Mobile Challenge"
(The report is available to Forrester subscribers or for purchase at
Of the 3 levels for offline support defined by Forester, Alpha supports the highest one, "Complete Transactional Synchronization with Conflict Resolution," and it does this without adding any additional time or cost to your development project.

Plus Offline capable apps are faster - since there is no server lag time when working locally, and cost less, since the devices you use don't require cellular connection or a data plan.

See an example of offline support in this 90 second video.
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