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ISO-Compliant App: From Prototype to Production in 2 months with Alpha

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Giant Killer Robot (GKR) is an independent software development consultancy based in Austin, Texas. The organization has standardized on Alpha Anywhere to develop web and mobile apps for companies of all sizes.


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Alpha Anywhere hits the sweet spot with its unique combination of web and mobile design, robust tools and wizards, and simple UX for developers and non-developers alike."

- Dion McCormick, Founder, Giant Killer Robot
A quality management system (QMS) is a set of policies, processes, and technologies that let organizations meet customer requirements. And ISO 9001 is the world standard for quality management. One GKR client, a SAAS startup targeting the Quality Management System space, needed help developing a new quality management system app. The app needed to help manufacturers manage audits, document control, and other businesses processes to ensure products and services consistently meet customers' requirements and quality standards. The client had struggled to build this app internally, and the prototype had severe limitations with its look and feel; performance; and ability to connect to third-party apps, such as Dropbox, Excel, and Access. With deadlines slipping into the red zone, they needed a development platform that would make it easy to rapidly create a robust, ISO-compliant cloud app that supported desktop browsers and mobile devices.


GKR used Alpha Anywhere to take the client's app requirements from the original prototype into full-scale production in just two months. They developed an enterprise-class business app that uses one code base to meet all of the front- to back-end requirements, including support for tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktops; and SQL Server. Along the way, GKR was able to rapidly add sophisticated capabilities by taking advantage of Alpha Anywhere's low-code technology and abundant collection tools, wizards, grids, and other components. As part of that, GKR integrated the app with Dropbox for secure cloud storage, using Dropbox's API.


GKR was able to meet its client's exacting requirements by creating an ISO-compliant solution that support desktops, tablets, and mobile devices with a consistent look and feel—all using a common code base that makes the system cost efficient to maintain. Alpha Anywhere is now powering this GKR client's full suite of 12 quality management software tools, including corrective and preventative actions (CAPA), audits, document control, return merchandise authorization (RMA), and others. Dropbox integration makes is easy for GKR's client to manage files associated with their quality management efforts securely in the cloud. And now that the company has standardized on Alpha Anywhere, unlocking new capabilities (such as offline support) to keep pace with the rapidly changing online landscape takes virtually no effort, thanks to Alpha Anywhere's consistent updates.

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