Tutorial - Richly Formatted Client-Side Data Displays and Reports in Alpha Anywhere

Because of the power of of Client-side templating now available in Alpha Anywhere, we have created this tutorial to help you unlock the potential in your mobile and web apps.

 Client-side templating and reporting allows you to generate HTML for display by merging a data object into a template. The client-side template library in Alpha Anywhere is extremely powerful and can be compared with similar functionality in 3rd party templating libraries, such as Mustache.js and Handlebars.js. In this video we show how a complex template can be designed to display data (a list of Orders with OrderItems for each order) in a richly formatted display. The video shows how the templating system can compute values, including summary values.

Watch Video – Part 1

Watch Video – Part 2

Watch Video – Part 3

Watch Video – Part 4

Watch Video – Part 5

Watch Video – Part 6

Watch Video – Part 7

Watch Video – Part 8

Watch Video – Part 9

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