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Mobile Form ViewBoxes: Build a Star Rating Control

Please note: The ViewBox Control is currently only available for Alpha Anywhere users who are participating in the Tablet Optimized Forms Beta program.You can visit the mobile forms forum for additional information about various features being built for touch optimized forms.

The ViewBox control, used in the sample tablet form app to create checklist items and custom keypads, is a data control. You can build fully custom controls for your mobile forms, complete with event handlers and HTML generated from client-side templates. Data for the ViewBox can be retrieved from local (client-side) or remote (server-side) data sources, making it a suitable light-weight substitute for a list control in your custom mobile form applications.

There are several ViewBox examples available within Alpha Anywhere, which can be loaded from the ViewBox Builder's Home tab by clicking the "Load Sample ViewBox" link. One of the samples available is the star rating control. In this video, you will learn how to build the star rating control from scratch, showing you along the way how the various features of the ViewBox can be used to create beautiful interfaces for your custom mobile forms.

Creating a 'Star Rating' Control using a ViewBox

You can download the component used in the video here.

Prerequisite Knowledge Base

The ViewBox is similar to the FormView Control. If you're not familiar with the FormView, definitely check out the introductory thread on this subject. The sample application also makes use of the ViewBox. Check out the Checklist Item and Custom Keypads threads to see how the ViewBox was used in both instances to create custom controls.

    • Learn the basics of the FormView Control, Editor Sets, and Editors.
    • Tablet Sample App: Checklist Items: The sample tablet application makes use of the ViewBox control to implement the Checklist Item. Check out this thread about Checklist Items to learn how it works.
    • Tablet Sample App: Custom Keypads: Custom Keypads use the ViewBox to create the keyboard layout. See how you can create your own custom keypads with ViewBoxes in this thread.
    • Tablet Sample App: SVG Images: The star image used in the star rating control is an SVG image. Learn how to create your own SVG images and add them to your web projects in this video from Dan Bricklin.

Share Your Experience

Have you built a custom control with the ViewBox or used it as a replacement for your List Control? Share your components, tips, or suggestions you have for working with ViewBoxes with us in this thread on the Alpha Software message board.
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