The premier virtual event for Alpha innovations is back!

About Alpha DevCon 2021

Alpha DevCon will return as a virtual event in 2021 with a heavy focus on training, case studies and advanced skills. 

Over 4 day of content, you'll learn advanced skills, tips to make everyday development tasks faster, how to speed your work by leveraging Cloud technology and you'll hear the latest product news from the team at Alpha Software.

More content, less disruption. No flights, no hotels, no expense reports, and less time away from work. Plus, if you're unable to attend a live session, your registration includes access to high-quality recordings of the event to watch when and where you want.

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Early Bird Registration

Register by October 1st and get your DevCon ticket for just $499* 

*Regular ticket price: $799.

An Important Educational Event for Developers looking to:

  • Virtual Conference DevConSpeed their organization’s digital transformation
  • Learn new techniques to streamline your business app development and deployment 
  • Advance their skills with new capabilities and best practices
  • Gain an understanding of Alpha Anywhere, Alpha TransForm and the future product roadmap
  • Share ideas and networking opportunities with other Alpha developers

What Attendees Have To Say:

"Alpha DevCon is the perfect way to keep up to date with the fast-paced development of the Alpha Software range of products, Hear from and interact with the development team about future plans. An excellent learning experience.”

- Glen Schild, VOLMAPP

"As an Alpha Anywhere developer I encourage all developers to attend this year's Alpha DevCon. Like most people, I often learn more when I read the book again, and since the presentations are recorded for attendees, I was able to watch specific demonstrations and techniques days or weeks later to drive home key concepts. The Q&A with Alpha Software engineers was also worth the cost. I got so much out of the last conference that I already took advantage of the early bird discount as I know this year's conference will be even better."  

- Terry Large, MS

""Alpha DevCon 2020 really helped me in my Alpha development. In working with Alpha Anywhere there are always many ways of accomplishing what you want. DevCon helped me hone in on some of the processes I do often and find new and better ways to accomplish them. It is also very valuable to see the Alpha Software roadmap and to learn about the new features that are coming down the pike. It's also a great opportunity to meet the key players at Alpha Software and also make a connection with fellow developers."

- David Weinstein, BestTech

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Need Budget Approval?

Alpha DevCon many qualify under your company's "Employee Training" budget. 
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Technical Training

An equal blend of web and mobile development topics, Alpha DevCon 2021 offers in-depth content presented by experienced Alpha developers and engineers.
Content will include sessions focusing on

Conference Sessions

An equal blend of web and mobile development topics, Alpha DevCon 2021  features content and case studies led by experienced Alpha trainers and leading developers.
    Topics Covered During the Conference:
  •         Product Roadmap
  •         Key New Features
  •         Developer Showcase
  •         Ask the Developer Panels
Selwyn Speaking-2

Speakers will include:

Selwyn Rabins
Richard Rabins
Bob Moore
VP Mobile


Kurt Rayner
VP Research & Development


Sarah Mitchell
Director of Customer Success


Dave McCormick
Dave McCormick
Vice President of Product Management and Technical Services
Greg Bohling
Greg Bohling
Vice President of Sales and Customer Success
Scott Allen
Scott Allen
Senior Designer


Michael Weston
Senior Business Analyst


Nikos Kazantzis
Solutions Consultant
Chris Martin
Chris Martin
Solutions Engineer


Tuesday, October 5
Wednesday, October 6
Thursday, October 7
Friday, October 8
9:00 - 9:30am

Learn how to get the most from the conference. 

Alpha TransForm New Feature Review

9:00 - 10:00 am

A review of the features added to Alpha TransForm since the last release.
Analytics Session 3

9:00 - 10:15 am

Designing Dashboards in Alpha TransForm

Special Guest

9:00 - 10:15 am

Announcement Soon!

Alpha Anywhere New Feature Review
9:45am - 11:15 am

A review of the features added to Alpha Alpha Anywhere since the last release.

Analytics Session 2


Designing Dashboards in Alpha Anywhere.

APIs and Crud


APIs as data sources in UX Lists and Viewboxes - how to view, filter, add, update and delete remote API data

Alpha TransForm Roadmap


See the new features that are on the Alpha TransForm development timeline.

App Building Demo #1

11:45am - 12:45pm

Creating a mobile delivery application with TransForm and Alpha Anywhere (part 1)

Customer Showcase #2


See an app development project or case study directly from one of your peers. 

Customer Showcase #3


See an app development project or case study directly from one of your peers

Alpha Anywhere Roadmap


See the new features that are on the Alpha Anywhere development timeline.

Lunch Break


Lunch Break


Lunch Break


Lunch Break


Customer Showcase #1

1:45pm - 2:15pm

Dion McCormick demonstrates cool new features he's built for his clients.

Cloud Optimization


Optimizing your apps to save compute units and money.

Theme Building


Create and use your own Alpha Themes for great-looking apps.

Breakout Session #3


Attend an interactive zoom session of your choice:

TransForm - Dan or Greg
Working with IIS - Terry
Cloud Computing - Kurt

Breakout Session #1

2:30pm - 3:30pm

Attend an interactive zoom session of your choice:

Alpha App Server - Terry
Xbasic & Javascript Debugging - Dion
Reporting - Cian and Carl 

Breakout Session #2


Attend an interactive zoom session of your choice:

Web Services (APIs) - Lenny
Mobile Apps and Cordova - Bob & Chris
Web Themes & Calendar Control - Eavan & Scott

Cordova Plugins


Finding, building, and using Cordova plugins in Alpha Anywhere.

Progressive Web Applications


An introduction to Progressive Web Applications.

Analytics Session 1


An introduction to analytics. How to design useful dashboards.

App Building Demo #2


Creating a mobile delivery application with TransForm and Alpha Anywhere (part 2)

Cloud Troubleshooting


How, when, and why to read and interpret cloud server logs.

A Bit of Fun

4:45pm - 5:15pm

In this closing segment, see Greg Bohling demonstrate ridiculous uses for Alpha.