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VOLMAPP Delivers Essential Services During COVID-19 Pandemic

 Read how the "Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead" in the United Kingdom is using the Alpha Anywhere low code web and mobile rapid app development and deployment platform to quickly and cost effectively build apps that improve service to citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic.

VOLMAPP volunteer management applicationGetting help for citizens vulnerable to the impact of COVID-19 is the most important thing many government agencies can do in the time of the pandemic. It’s also one of the most difficult things for agencies to accomplish.

The vulnerable and elderly need groceries to be delivered, need to be driven to doctor’s appointments, need prescriptions picked up, and much more. And sometimes all they need is to hear a friendly, caring voice on the other end of the line.

volmapp delivery to citizensThere are plenty of people willing and able to volunteer to do that, and social workers to do it as well. But local governments often don’t have the resources or tools to connect the needy with those willing to help. And they typically don’t have a comprehensive system to track every request, every contact, and every interaction – and to double-check that people are getting what they require.

There is, however, help for any local government authorities who want to do all that. Authorities can use VOLMAPP, an inexpensive, easy-to-use system that connects those vulnerable to COVID-19 to the help they need – and constantly monitors every request and make sure all goes according to plan. VOLMAPP was built using the Alpha Anywhere low code development and deployment platform.

VOLMAPP is being used by the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead and has proven to be tremendously helpful to get help to those most vulnerable to COVID-19.

David MacFarlane, Transformation Project Manager for Adults, Health and Commissioning for the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, says this about it: “By using this platform we have managed thousands of contacts with the most vulnerable members of our population, ensured they have received the best support, stored data securely and have returned feedback and analytics to local and national decision-makers. All without a spreadsheet in sight.” 

He adds that the platform “has allowed quick changes to be made, allowing a fast response to challenges as they have emerged. Considering the small costs involved, the platform has been, and continues to be, a lifeline to those who use it.”

How VOLMAPP Provides Reliable On-Time Services to Citizens in Need During the Pandemic

To give you a better sense of how the platform works and its benefits, here’s a brief guided tour. 

Login screen

The initial login screen uses two-factor authentication to ensure safety and security and to protect privacy.

VOLMAPP provides services to vulnerable citizens

Main menu

Once you log into the application, you’ll come to the main menu. It uses a simple-to-use tabbed interface, which is ideal for administrators who use either a desktop or a laptop.

VOLMAPP provides services during the COVID-19 pandemic

Main contact list

The main contact list provides details about every person in the system – government employees, vulnerable people who need help, volunteers, and people from other organizations. It includes vital information such as phone numbers, email addresses and locations.

VOLMAPP provides helps vulnerable citizens during COVID

Contact Details screen

The Contact Details screen provides in-depth information about each person who needs help. From here you can see what help they need (such as aid with shopping), what help they’ve been given, what tasks for them are still open, a map with their location pinned on it, and other vital data.

VOLMAPP provides services to vulnerable citizens

Mapping screen

The mapping screen shows all support workers located within the vicinity of the individual requiring support. That makes it easier to match someone who needs help with someone who can provide help.

The VOLMAPP app helps citizens who cannot go out during the pandemic

Activity screen

The activity screen lets case workers record all contact points, create tasks and create support request forms.

 The VOLMAPP app services shut-in citizens during the pandemic

Tracking screen

In the tracking screen, administrators match people who need help with people and case workers who can provide that help.

VOLMAPP brings essential services to citizens during COVID-19

Overview screen

The overview screen shows all tasks that are still open and haven’t yet been completed across the entire system. It includes filters such as showing uncompleted tasks for today, all tasks that haven’t been assigned and overdue tasks. It provides details about each open task, including what the task is (such as picking up a prescription from a pharmacy), its due date, and to whom the task has been assigned.

VOLMAPP brings essential services to citizens during the pandemic

Support request form

When someone vulnerable needs help, they can go directly to a public website and ask for support. When they do this, the request is immediately added to the system so that it can be vetted and put into a queue to be handled.

VOLMAPP app brings essential services during the pandemic

Analytics dashboard

The application offers detailed analytics, such as the total number of contacts, tasks, and the success rate. You can view the data by the day or by the week. Many other kinds of analytical data is available as well.

VOLMAPP brings essential services to citizens

Support request form

Here’s an example of a request for support that has been “pushed” to a support worker for action.

VOLMAPP brings essential services to citizens during COVID-19

First page of support request form

Each support request form has multiple pages. This one shows details about the request, including the person’s name, location, contact information, the support needed, and any notes about it.

VOLMAPP brings essential services to citizens during the pandemic

Continuation of support request form

Here’s a continuation of the support form, where the outcome can be recorded and a further support request can be automatically made and pushed directly back into the system.

Volmapp app for pandemic services

Keep in mind that this brief, guided tour only scratches the surface of what VOLMAPP offers. It’s a fully, self-contained, ready-to-run system and includes alerts, printing capabilities and much more.

How to Get VOLMAPP

Companies interested in learning more about VOLMAPP, can visit or

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App templates for citizen services

app templates for government servicesAlpha Software also offers a range of pre-built government solutions that collect data, speed service to citizens and help employees streamline work. Alpha Software offers a for inspections, scheduling, dispatching emergency teams, and more. 

View our government app templates and read how Alpha Software can help you develop the apps your local government needs. 

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