Alpha TransForm Release Notes

We're pleased to announce that a new version of Alpha TransFrom has been released. As with every release, we continue to focus on improving Alpha TransForm. This release includes several notable changes, bug fixes, and performance enhancements.

Get Started Even Faster

One of Alpha TransForm's strengths is the speed with which you can create forms from a simple list of questions using Quickstart Text. We've enhanced the Quickstart Text markup to include a new option for setting a field's name in addition to the field's data type and choices. Field names are defined using a double-bracket syntax placed at the end of the line defining a field.

Quickstart Text editor with example of new fieldname markup
You can use the new [[Fieldname]] button located above the Quickstart Text editor to quickly insert the new markup. The value within the brackets is used to populate the field's Field Name property.

TransForm form designer view with fields
Meaningful field names are important when working with form data using TPL or outside the TransForm ecosystem. If not specified, fields are assigned the default field name "fieldN" where N is a number. For example, "field1".

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • TFFR-353 Added a menu option to refresh forms in the web and mobile filler app. The new Refresh Forms option will download any new form instances to the filler without losing changes to existing forms on the device.
  • TFFR-350 Users with the role AccountAdmin can no longer remove themselves from the AccountAdmin role.
  • TFFR-354 Fixed issue where the maximum pageSize of 200 was not enforced when calling the GetFormDataArrayForFormId, GetFormInstancesArrayForAllForms, or GetFormInstancesArrayForFormId TransForm API methods.
  • TFFR-355 Fixed an issue where the password reset link was missing when requesting a password reset using the iOS Mobile Filler.
  • TFFR-357 Fixed issue where invited users were added to the beginning of the User list instead of the end.
  • TFFR-358 Removed unnecessary logging information.
  • TFFR-359 Added support for emoji characters in TransForm fields.
  • TFFR-264 Improved performance of onSubmit events. Events now run independently from the form synchronization, decreasing the amount of time it takes to submit forms from the web and mobile filler.
  • TFFR-372 Improved onSubmit performance handling forms with many media (images, audio) files.
  • TFFR-373 Fixed an issue where ajaxSendRequestServer() failed with an SSL Certificate error.
  • TFFR-374 SendNotificationToUser API now uses the Subject specified when calling the endpoint.
  • TFFR-379 TransForm no longer sends users notifications when a form assigned to the user is modified using Management Console. Instead, notifications are now sent when an existing form instance is assigned to a new user via Management Console.

Past TransForm Releases

Release notes for prior releases can be found below: