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6 Tips for Using Hyperautomation to Boost Your Business’ Success

ILow code software for hyperautomationf you’re looking for one of the best ways to make sure your business succeeds in even the toughest of times, consider hyperautomation. Hyperautomation automates as many processes and workflows in an organization as possible. It maximizes productivity, reduces expenses and gives a big boost to business efficiency. IBM describes its benefits this way: “The hype surrounding hyperautomation is real, and it can help your organization get ahead in today’s fast-paced, highly distributed, resource-starved environment. Any organization can adopt and benefit from hyperautomation technology, whether your processes are already automated or not, or your equipment is new or old.”

Hyperautomation is particularly important due to COVID and the advent of remote workforces. IBM says, “With a highly remote workforce, resulting in fewer staff members at facilities, many industries have been hit hard by the inability to move as quickly as they desire or need to.”

But it’s one thing to want to hyperautomate. It’s another thing entirely to actually do it. The Gartner infographic, “Boost the Value and Success of Business-Driven Hyperautomation Initiatives” gives you plenty of great advice.

Gartner on hyperautomationGartner recommends, first of all, that business technologists should handle most hyperautomation. Business technologists typically work outside of IT. Many are so-called “citizen technologists” who are involved in line-of-business or similar work, but also do development work as well, typically using no-code/low-code tools.

Gartner research found that these best practices can help make sure that business technologies succeed in their hyperautomation efforts:

  • Companies should take the work of business technologists seriously. It’s easy for companies to dismiss the work of non-professional developers. But Gartner says taking their work seriously improves the chances of hyperautomation success by 90 percent.
  • Companies should be responsive to business technologist’s needs. Doing this improves the chances of hyperautomation success by 80 percent, according to Gartner.
  • Companies should “broker connections and communities of practice.” This kind of collaboration, says Gartner, improves the chances of hyperautomation success by 70 percent.
  • Companies should provide business technologists with a variety of tools. Doing this improves the chances of hyperautomation success by 70 percent, Gartner claims. Among the tools that should be used, says Gartner, are low-code development platforms.
  • Companies should get business technologists involved in more hyperautomation opportunities. This improves the chances of hyperautomation success by 70 percent, according to Gartner.
  • Companies should “involve business technologists in the end-to-end capability lifecycle.” This improves the chances of hyperautomation success by 70 percent, says to Gartner.

The Best Software for Hyperautomation

Alpha Software offers the best no-code/low-code platform for helping business technologists hyperautomate their companies. It includes enterprise-level security and integrations with data sources and other applications.

AlphaTransform software for hyperautomationAlpha TransForm no-code mobile forms software helps enterprises craft online or offline mobile apps in minutes that utilize the latest mobile features (camera, GPS, etc.) for fast, accurate data capture. Learn more about Alpha TransForm and try it free for 30 days.

Alpha Anywhere Logo-1Alpha Anywhere low code app development software has the unique ability to rapidly create custom web and mobile apps that can easily access and integrate with any database or web service and can exploit built-in role-based security or robust offline functionality. Build apps for free with Alpha Anywhere Community Edition.

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