Alpha Software Identifies 7 Critical Features for Mobile App Developers

Developing Mobile Apps? Here Are 7 Critical Features to Keep in Mind

Developing mobile apps for business
Mobile business applications are in high demand and the need for enterprise mobility only continues to increase. Organizations continue to pour effort and money into developing mobile apps at an increasingly fervent rate. However, many of these apps miss key features that distinguish a great app—that becomes a daily essential tool—from a mediocre one. Enterprise quality mobile applications need to meet these core requirements.

This week, ITBusinessEdge features an article by Alpha Software that identifies 7 must-have features that can bring an app to a whole new level of usability. For an app to meet the standards for enterprise-quality, incorporating these 7 key features is a must for any custom mobile application. In the article, "Seven Must-Have Features for Great Mobile Apps," Alpha Software identifies the 7 features that all truly great mobile apps share in common as being:

    • Touch Support
    • Responsive Design
    • User Feedback
    • Customization
    • Updates
    • One Source
Apps with these features are more likely to succeed in the mobile enterprise as they take advantage of the mobile environment to deliver the best experience for the end user.

To read the full article, click here.

To learn how Alpha Anywhere's rapid mobile application development platform enables these critical features, learn more, or read what TechTarget had to say.
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