Alpha Software Releases Free, Dynamic COVID-19 Risk Assessment App to Public

The Team at Alpha Software realizes the uncertainty and isolation people around the globe are experiencing amid the COVID-19 pandemic. With hospitals fearing a surge in patients, and many people experiencing symptoms due to flu season and seasonal allergies, Alpha Software teamed with a leading New York City MD to help people assess their risk of developing COVID-19.

Free Alpha COVID-19 Risk Assessment App, in use by doctors In New York City, enables hospitals to  rapidly triage patients and the public to assess their risk for COVID-19 .COVID-19 is growing exponentially -- with cases surpassing 600,000 -- as people around the world feel increasingly isolated and uneasy. At the same time, flu season remains active and allergy season is beginning, meaning many more people are likely to experience some of the symptoms commonly associated with COVID-19,

The onset of a sore throat, runny nose or fever can only add to that anxiety. In many cases, people with symptoms have nothing to worry about, but what if you have asthma, experience shallow breathing or recently visited a COVID-19 hot spot? Should you head to the emergency room immediately?

Not so fast, advises the CDC. Many people are likely to recover on their own at home or may not even have the virus. However, it's important to carefully assess your risk if you have symptoms and understand the next steps you might take.

Assess your COVID-19 symptoms and risk with this free tool.

Alpha Software teamed with Warren J. Wexelman, MD, a cardiologist/internist serving on the front lines of diagnosing and treating COVID-19 patients, to craft an app that could be used by doctors to quickly assess incoming patients during expected surges. After successful testing of the app by doctors in New York City, and at the suggestion of Dr. Wexelman, Alpha Software is now releasing the app as a free online tool for the public to use anonymously to assess their risk of developing COVID-19 and determine next steps.

"The public wants fast answers and doctors require rapid methods to triage incoming patients,” said Dr. Wexelman, physician at NYU Langone Medical Center, and author of the app. “Simultaneously, we’re learning more about the virus every day, so risk factors and guidelines are constantly evolving. This app employs CDC guidelines, yet is built on a platform that can be updated immediately to reflect the latest guidelines.”

Simple Questions, Guided Risk Assessment

The Alpha COVID-19 App is built to be incredibly dynamic and to immediately reflect evolving knowledge and changing guidelines and protocols. The app takes two elements into account: the inherent risk of the individual to getting the virus, as well as an understanding of whether the symptoms they presently have are actually from the virus or another cause. 

Users simply click a link, and answer questions about their past medical history, recent travel and contact with other people who are sick. They are asked to describe their symptoms, such as shortness of breath, coughing and fever. As answers are entered, the app assesses each answer and immediately employs up-to-the-minute scientific evidence to present the next relevant question. Once all data has been entered, the app uses current CDC guidelines to assess if the user has a low, medium or high risk of developing COVID-19 and if their present symptoms are symptoms of the virus. It will then suggest what the user’s next important steps should be in his or her healthcare.**  


The app is developed on Alpha Software's trusted rapid development platform, Alpha Anywhere, and allows for immediate updating of the questions and scientific evidence to reflect front-line lessons and CDC guidelines. While all data is collected anonymously, high-level trends can be supplied to healthcare officials to determine insights or geographic hot spots.

Alpha Software is providing the app free of-charge as a public service during the COVID-19 pandemic. Users can access the online tool for free at:

**Important note: This Alpha COVID-19 App does not provide medical advice but is intended for information purposes only. It is not meant to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. It is not engaging in the practice of medicine, nor is it in any way meant to eliminate your doctor or other healthcare providers. Do not ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of the questions or results of the Alpha COVID-19 App. No matter what the questions are or the results of the App show, if you do not feel well, call your doctor or other health care provider immediately. If you think that that you may have a medical emergency, immediately call your doctor or dial 911. Always follow social distancing guidelines put forth by the health care community and governmental authorities.

On a personal note, the Team at Alpha Software, is working at home and staying away from public places, as suggested by the governments in the various US states and countries across the globe where our team resides. We understand how challenging new routines and uncertainty are for so many people in the time of crisis. We hope this free tool can help make you rest a little bit easier by providing you the best recommendations based on hard, scientific evidence.

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