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Looking to quickly ramp up your next mobile or web app development project? Forget outsourcing to expensive consultants who charge an-arm-and-a-leg to get started, then keep you charging every time you want to change or update your app. Instead, turn to Alpha Professional Services, whose custom mobile app development services will help you quickly and affordably launch your web or mobile app, and give you enough training along the way so you can update it yourself — and do your next app project completely on your own.

Greg Bohling

I sat down with Greg Bohling, Alpha Software’s Professional Services Leader, to understand his team’s philosophy and to hear about some of the methodologies he’s employing to help customers succeed at custom mobile app development so quickly.

Bohling made it clear that customer self-sufficiency is at the center of everything which the Alpha Professional Services team does. “Our main goal is customer enablement,” he says. “The core of what we offer is helping businesses be self-sufficient. Mostly, we help customers get an application or component built quickly, so that it can become the foundation for their development efforts. While we’re doing that, we provide them with training. And then we step back into a supportive, mentoring role, to help them do their own development.”

The end result: An app that meets a customer’s business needs, while enabling the customer staff to handle custom mobile app development work going forward. That saves the customer money, assures that they have the best apps possible, and leaves them with a well-trained staff.

“Alpha Software doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach” said Bohling. “We offer services across a wide continuum. If a customer requires a complete start-to-finish custom mobile app development effort, Alpha Professional Services can handle a wide array of development work. If a customer wants to build their app on his/her own and just ask for help when they require it, Alpha Professional Services can offer mentoring or consulting. Each customer’s unique needs come first; the customized engagement plan becomes the blueprint for the project’s successful completion.”

Delivering Value to Customers Through Customized Services

Alpha SwiftSuccess, from Alpha Professional Services, offers the industry’s most complete mobile app development proficiency package.

For new customers, Alpha Professional Services offers the industry’s most complete custom mobile app development proficiency package, Alpha SwiftSuccess. Alpha SwiftSuccess offers a package of technology, services and training – with predictable pricing and rapid results. The SwiftSuccess package is specifically gear toward each customer’s goals and business objectives. SwiftSuccess enables new Alpha Anywhere customers to realize fast ROI and gain proficiency at mobile app development — within 16 weeks.

For new web and mobile app projects, an Alpha Professional Services team member has an initial discovery conversation to understand what the customer is trying to accomplish, which issues s/he want solved, and the general outlines of the app s/he wants to build. Bohling’s team then puts together an action plan that combines consulting and mentoring.

Alpha mentoring is unique in the industry, because customers can buy blocks of time with a ‘personal trainer’ outside of a scoped-out project,” says Bohling. “Our mentors are certified Alpha Anywhere application developers or solution engineers with deep domain experience. They work with customers to build custom web and mobile apps for specific industries. Customers repeatedly tell us that our mentoring program has helped them learn the product faster while saving their company significant time and cost.”

Typically, Bohling says, customer engagements go in two phases. In the first phase, the app is scoped out and the Alpha Professional Services team begins building it, while simultaneously training the customer in how to use the Alpha Anywhere rapid app development platform. In phase two, the customer ends up with a fully trained, self-sufficient team that can tackle custom app development work on their own. The customer can, however, continue to get ongoing mentoring, training and support from Alpha Software.

“Our entire goal is to help our customers solve real business problems by getting great apps up and running rapidly, while enabling these customers to gain the knowledge they need to develop new business apps their own,” Bohling says. “We consider it a success when a customer can develop their own applications and realize real business value. That’s a differentiator which separates us from our competitors. We’re most successful when our customers need us least.”

Alpha Software Professional Services helped Northern Edge Physical Therapy gain proficiency at mobile app development.

Alpha Professional Services has a proven process for fast success, offers stress-free scoping and cost analysis while helping you put award-winning features into your customized apps. Learn more about our SwiftSuccess program and services methodology, including meeting with an Alpha team member to discuss your specific business challenges.

Read how Northern Edge Physical Therapy recently worked with the Alpha Professional Services team to get an important physical therapy app to market in record time.

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