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How Mobile Will Help the Oil and Gas Industry Thrive in 2019

89% of oil and gas organizations will increase their investments in digital technology in the next two years. At the core of those investments will be mobile app technologies.The oil and gas industry has traditionally lagged in its use of digital technology. As Giorgio Biscardini, Eirik Rasmussen, Dr. Reinhard Geissbauer and Adrian Del Maestro wrote in their article Drilling for data: Digitizing upstream oil and gas: “The upstream oil and gas sector is well behind other industries when it comes to being digitally enabled.”

That’s changing fast, though. A report by the consulting firm EY “New technology can lead the way, but do you know where you're headed?” found that 89 percent of oil and gas organizations will increase their investments in digital technology in the next two years.

89% of oil and gas organizations will increase their investments in digital technology in the next two years

The Oil and Gas Industry is Investing in Mobile 

At the core of those investments are mobile app technologies — technologies which will help the industry thrive this year, according to the article  “Why Oil, Gas Companies Will Invest in Mobile in 2019,” written by Shiva Rajagopalan, President and CEO of Seven Lakes Technologies, an analytics and technologies solutions firm.

Rajagopalan writes: “A new suite of technology driven by connectivity is revolutionizing mobility in the oil and gas sector, allowing enterprise producers to compete in an era where only the most efficient will survive. Mobility technology is at the forefront of this change and is set to attract huge investment from the oil and gas sector in 2019.”

Mobile will help the industry in several ways, he notes. It gives field workers easy access to information, so they can make “Decisions that will make them more efficient, allowing them to do more, and decisions that will maximize production, elevating the company as a whole.”

Mobile devices also offer access to vast amounts of analyzed data from massive sensor networks in oilfields, he writes. This will “allow operators to see which wells need most attention to avoid dips in production. When combined with artificial intelligence (AI), a fleet of field workers can be guided through the oilfield using the most logical route according to real-time field data and the location of other workers.”

He says that mobile also builds “seamless collaboration between field and office,” using real time data. He adds, “With so many people collaborating to make operational decisions, real-time data sharing has huge implications for speed of decision-making and, therefore, the overall productivity of oil and gas companies.”

His conclusion about the importance of mobile for oil and gas companies this year: “Ambitious oil and gas producers have targeted mobility as a critical investment for 2019 within a suite of technology that will drive the most successful companies into the data age. Oil and gas producers without mobility won’t be going anywhere.”

Building Mobile Apps for the Oil and Gas Industry

Alpha TransForm is the ideal platform for building mobile apps for the oil and gas industry. It lets oil and gas services companies build applications that tie the field directly to back office operations, improve logistics, streamline inspections and dramatically improve data capture. The development software has the unique ability to rapidly create mobile-optimized forms and field apps that can easily access and integrate with existing databases and web services. Alpha TransForm builds offline apps, vital for the oil and gas industry, and excels at mobile apps for field workers.

Over the next two years, oil companies will make investments in mobile app technologies , like Alpha TransForm.Try It Yourself

Learn how Alpha Software is helping oil and gas customers or try the Alpha TransForm pumpjack inspection app or oil wellhead inspection app for free.




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