Video: Offline Access to Images in Mobile Applications Using SQLite

Alpha Anywhere features extensive capabilities for building mobile applications with offline access. One way to extend the amount of data that can be stored in your offline apps is through the use of a SQLite database.

Using SQLite in a PhoneGap application enables you to store a large amount of information on the device that will still be available even when the device is disconnected from its wireless signal – allowing users to work offline uninterrupted. Often, you may want to include images as part of the data stored in the SQLite database.

In this video we show how you can build a UX component that makes a callback to the Alpha Anywhere server to create a SQLite database of 500 records, with each record having an associated image. The SQLite database is then download to the device and stored on the device. Then, a SQL query is executed against the on-device SQLite database and a List control is populated showing all of the records and their associated image.

Sync offline data and offline access

Offline access mobile apps

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