Smartphones Will Force Companies to Rethink Mobile User Experiences, says Alpha Software Corporation CTO

Source: strategy and business, April 2016

Source: strategy and business, April 2016

The latest issue of PwC’s strategy & business features article written by Alpha Software Corporation CTO Dan Bricklin on a consequence of smartphones in organizations and steps organizations will need to take to remain competitive. While smartphones have become extensions of their owners, many companies have failed to realize take advantage of this connection people have with their devices to produce effective and meaningful experiences that forward business relationships.

In his article, entitled, “Radical Intimacy and the Smartphone,” Bricklin explains that with the rise of BYOD, businesses have let smartphones and tablets become gateways to their systems.  Although organizations want to mobile workers and customers, the consequences have not always been favorable.  He points out:

“…The institution has decidedly less control over its information, or the time and place of using it, because of the personal nature of the connection…”

“…We rarely even try to track the fatigue, friction, and loss of commitment that stems from poorly designed technology. And poorly designed technology is everywhere…”

Dan Bricklin, CTO of Alpha Software Corporation

Dan Bricklin, CTO of Alpha Software Corporation

Instead of falling victim to these obstacles, Bricklin challenges savvy organizations and developers to adapt. He points out that mobile devices alone cannot solve these problems, but that developers must raise the bar on mobile user experiences – dramatically rethinking how users access and interact with business data on their smartphones. He cites mobile optimized forms as a key example of how organizations can optimize experiences for a mobile world.

Bricklin warns readers:

“Businesses (and other organizations) that can figure out how to adapt to this type of user experience will thrive. Those that cannot will become irrelevant.”

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