Has Mobile Become Boring? Perhaps, But The Real Story is What’s Going on Behind the Curtain…

This week, Galen Gruman of InfoWorld wrote a great article offering his opinion of why mobile became dull in boring in 2015. Many of his observations are spot-on.

Tablet and Smartphone sales are slowing. Smartwatches have become a niche product passionately loved by few. And he believes we haven’t seen a breakthrough device innovation since the iPad in 2010. All this is certainly true, perhaps we’re missing the real story here.  The excitement of mobile isn’t what going on with the device, but what’s happening behind the scenes.

What’s going on behind the curtain? End-users are now demanding apps, and business users are demanding apps that are as intuitive, easy to use and compelling as the consumer apps they use outside the office. Also, more people than ever before are trying to build apps, with everyone from young students with basic HTML5 skills to line of business users looking at ways to build apps to get routine things done faster. Finally, devices with geolocation, video, audio, ink, scanners, etc. are allowing people to do things with business applications they’ve never been able to do before.

Alpha Software CEO Richard Rabins offered up a comment to the article on the InfoWorld website, explaining,

“The interesting and exciting phase is now beginning for enterprises as they grasp the transformative power of enterprise mobile apps that will make the 2.5 billion people who work ‘standing up’ significantly more productive and also as they expand business information to include rich media (with metadata) and ink.”

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