Video: How to Build a Web Enabled Access Application in 5 Minutes

With Alpha Anywhere, our goal is to streamline complex development problems so that developers can focus on building the most robust, cross-platform mobile and web business apps possible faster and more cost-effectively. We've done it for building hybrid mobile apps with our new, integrated PhoneGap App Builder, and coming soon, we'll have an elegant solution to the offline/disconnected problem that enables developers to build "offline-first" mobile and web apps with an ease that no other platform can match.

Building Web Enabled Access Applications with Alpha Anywhere

Another of these areas is Alpha Anywhere's ability to move or extend existing Microsoft Access desktop applications to the web and mobile devices. (Learn more about mobilizing MS Access apps). Without needing to write a single line of code (but always with the option to do so if you'd like), Alpha Anywhere ties directly into your MS Access data, creating web enabled Access applications that run smoothly on all browsers and mobile platforms (iOS, Android, and Windows).

Quick Start Video: How to Get Your Microsoft Access Data Onto the Web

This video shows how to use Alpha Anywhere and its Flying Start Genie to quickly build a web interface to data stored in an MS Access database. Get up and running with your web enabled Access application in just 5 minutes!

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