Why Platform as a Service (PaaS) may be in your future

PaaS Platform as a Service mobile development

In a world in which Develop Your Own Application (DYOA) is following hard on the heels of BYOD in businesses, those who write mobile apps need a way to speed up application development and deployment. And a new survey says that they are finding it in Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions, in which a development platform and solution stack are provided as a service, making it easier for non-professional developers to create and deploy applications.

A Solution for Business and Domain Experts

Just like BYOD was driven by users rather than IT, so is DYOA being driven at the business level rather than by IT. That’s no surprise, given that the whole point of DYOA is that business and domain experts, rather than professional developers, are now writing and deploying mobile and other kinds of apps.

A survey conducted by the research firm Vanson Bourne found that the push for rapid application development comes from the top business leaders in a company rather than from IT — 43% of those who responded to the survey said the projects are being directed by C-suite influencers.

As for what departments are most involved in DYOA, 47% of respondents said DYOA work is being done by sales and marketing teams, and 44% said finance teams were doing development and deployment of their own applications.

A Need for Speed in Application Development

The survey also found that PaaS has already found found a place in businesses, and is clearly here to stay. Some 70% of respondents are already using PaaS solutions for application development, or are planning to use them soon. The reason is simple: A need for speed. Eighty five percent of survey respondents said their organization recognizes it needs to speed up application development and deployment.

Benefits of PaaS include increased innovation, reduced development and deployment time, and reduced costs. Among PaaS users who responded to the survey, 54% said they’ve cut development and deployment time with it, 51% said it has helped reduce costs, and 47% said it has increased innovation.

The survey also found that businesses expect to invest an average of $260,653 on PaaS solutions by the end of the year.