The Hidden Costs of Paper Forms

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The Great Paper Deception

How Mobile Technologies Can Dramatically Improve Business Operations while Lowering Costs

Manufacturers run on paper forms for safety and quality inspections, work orders and repairs, safety incidents, and more. this information is critical to daily business and continuous improvement

While papers are easy to use this information is critical to daily business and continuous improvement, keeping this information on paper puts manufacturers at a disadvantage. Paper forms pose real challenges to sharing timely and accurate information. 

This whitepaper takes a critical look at the actual cost of paper-based systems and analyzes the cost savings and improvements that are possible when manufacturers use digital forms.

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•  6 overlooked challenges with paper-based systems

• a detailed cost analysis of how a mid-size manufacturer can save $570,000 per year by going digital

• 7 advantages you'll gain when you go digital, and how to make the switch

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