8 Reasons Why Mobile Forms Differ From Desktop Forms

Mobile forms and desktop forms are very different. Learn 8 reasons why.

When you think about it, designing a form for a desktop/laptop is VERY different from designing a form for a mobile device. Tablet forms can't be designed as you would a desktop application.

Here are eight fundamental differences that need to be accounted for when designing mobile forms:
    • On a desktop you have the use of two hands, on a mobile device you typically only have one hand (the other one is holding the mobile device.)
    • On a desktop you have a mouse, on a mobile device you do not
    • On a desktop you have a large amount of screen real estate, on a mobile device you do not.
    • On a desktop you have the use a physical keyboard, on a mobile device you have a software keyboard that is competing for space on the screen with the form and interfering with smooth and efficient data entry.
    • On a desktop you have a live connection to a server, on a mobile device you have to make your form work even if there is no Wifi/4G/3G.
    • On a desktop you typically don't have a camera for taking pictures, video and voice recordings, on a mobile device you do.
    • On a desktop you are not going to enhance the form with electronic ink, on a mobile device electronic ink can add real value to a form in terms of drawings, sketches, markup and annotation
    • On a desktop you generally do not have location and date/time stamp awareness, on a mobile device you do.
It is for these fundamental reasons we designed intelligent mobile forms for rich data capture that increase productivity. We have included critical capability as a core part of Alpha Anywhere - our low code development platform for building offline capable mobile enterprise apps, or offline mobile forms. Using Alpha Anywhere, you can easily create online forms that are optimized for touch interfaces.

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