Five App Design Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Mobile App

Think you’ve got a handle on good mobile app design? Think again.

Plenty of mobile apps are a hot mess of bad design. Here's how to avoid common app design mistakes.

Plenty of mobile apps are a hot mess of bad design. Here’s how to avoid common app design mistakes.

Luke Konior, COO of the mobile design company All in Mobile gives some great app design advice in his blog post How to not utterly ruin your mobile app’s user interface on freeCodeCamp. Here are five app design mistakes that he warns can destroy your mobile app.

The First App Design Mistake: Abuse Fonts

Years ago, when word processors first gave anyone the power to use many types of fonts, a new design faux pas was born: The ransom note effect, the incoherent look you get when you mix and match too many types of fonts. Konior warns against doing that in your mobile app. He also says to take care when using one of a mobile device’s system fonts, because the user can change the default, which will change the font in your app. He says keep fonts “simple and coherent.” And also make sure that you’re not using a font without first getting a license, because it can cost you big-time.

The Second App Design Mistake: Make the Screen too Busy

These days, most smartphones have big screens, and tablets have even bigger screens. That makes it tempting to throw everything possible onto the screen. Resist the impulse. Konior says, “More isn’t more, so be selective… If there’s too much on the screen, users can easily get lost and wonder what to do or where to click.” So think carefully about what’s important, include only that, and then use design to focus a user onto the most important content right away.

The Third App Design Mistake: Be Inconsistent

People take their cues from the visual elements you use, so make sure to use them consistently. Konior advises: “If you use one element for a specific action, stick with it. Users learn by doing certain actions, and if they encounter unexpected or ambiguous actions, it can really ruin their experience.” Also, keep a consistent layout throughout.

The Fourth App Design Mistake: Transfer your Design Directly from iOS to Android

Even though both are mobile operating systems, what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for the other. So although it makes lots of sense to have the same look and feel for both apps, make sure that you’re taking each OS into account when designing an app for each.

The Fifth App Design Mistake: Ignore the Information Hierarchy

All information is not created equal; some is more important than others. So before designing your app, decide which information is most important and which least. Then use colors, fonts, size, and location to draw attention to the most important information.

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