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Baptist Hospital Adopts Alpha Anywhere To Serve 12,000 Staff

Recently a major hospital in Florida shared their analysis with us regarding why they selected Alpha Anywhere for rapidly building custom web and mobile apps for the hospital.

We thought it would be useful to share this with you to the extent you are looking to explain to your company or clients, why Alpha Anywhere is a compelling choice for low code software development.

Baptist Medical Center chooses Alpha Anywhere

{The excerpt below is part of a paper that a Programmer/Analyst presented to senior leadership of Baptist Hospital to justify purchasing the software licenses.}

The Case for Alpha Anywhere

“User development tools such as MS Access and MS Excel miss the mark which caused our team to become reactive (vs proactive) to the development needs of our customers

I had to find the right Platform for the job (of getting web and mobile apps built and deployed rapidly)!

To meet, that goal, I looked at our core needs.

  • The platform had to provide exceptional value for the cost.
  • It needed to allow for innovation during the software development.
  • It had to come from a credible source with a history that is trusted in our industry and others as well.
  • It needed to be relatively easy to learn with training and support resources readily available.
  • It had to create applications that should be code-free as much as possible so the programmer/analyst can provide data to the customer quickly and not struggle with the current technology.
  • The applications created needed to be quickly deployed and contain the latest security protocols.
  • The applications also need to have the option to be hosted locally all while leveraging our existing tools and technology.  

To find a development and deployment platform with these characteristics was a tough ask… What was found was more than could be asked for and it is called Alpha Anywhere!

What is Alpha Anywhere?

Alpha Anywhere Logo-1Alpha Anywhere is a COMPLETE technology that creates business database applications by writing most of the code for you.

It features sophisticated business logic offering a truly native experience optimized for each device from big screen to small with full charting and enterprise level reporting.

It also includes scheduling & mapping capabilities with proven built-in security that meets or exceeds corporate standards allowing for quick deployment and scalability to meet any need or demand.

Here are the top 10 reasons why this is a MUST-HAVE resource for the hospital

1. Alpha Anywhere is credible:
  • Trusted in the healthcare industry: Hospitals such as Medstar, Mount Sinai, St. Luke’s, the VA Medical Center, and The World Health Organization are using Alpha Anywhere. Other users include GSK, Intel, Baxter, UPS, Boeing, Ford, GE, and Pepsi.
  • Longevity: Alpha Software is a very established company. The company has sold tens of thousands of development licenses and is consistently adding value to the core product though updates and major new releases on a regular basis.
2. Alpha Anywhere is Secure:

Alpha Anywhere security features give peace of mind that the usernames, passwords, & all other communications are safe through:

  • Application security: Robust application security is critical! Built in security levels control access by user, group, page, and field control. This level of control provides the tools needed to easily secure sensitive data, protecting the business and its clients.
  • Web and mobile security: Adds a sophisticated security system to our web or mobile applications: Data encryption types include SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and HMAC (Hash- based Message Authentication Code) support for web services.
3. Alpha Anywhere can create government compliant applications:

HIPAA compliance is provided through standards using data encryption techniques such as TDE (Transparent Data encryption). It can track VIEWS and EDITS of data through internal and/or external controls via triggers in the SQL process. It can also incorporate user/group access security which includes login security for desktop applications & web security to prevent access to any unauthorized data. 

4. Alpha Anywhere is extremely cost effective:
5. Alpha Anywhere provides extensive training and support resources:
  • Extensive Training: Alpha Anywhere has created an extensive training platform available to its developers including;
    • a formal video series to get developers up to speed as quickly as possible.
    • Comprehensive documentation
    • An extensive video library on YouTube
    • A White-paper library

This exhaustive platform as well as the ancillary support & advisory services covers just about any training need for a new or seasoned developer.

  • Comprehensive support can be accessed through their website or phone. Support includes free support and paid support services based on issue and product purchased. A web-based user forum is also available for developers to share ideas and get access to peer-to-peer consulting for any development challenges. Alpha Software also offers actual application development for its clients as well as recommending 3rd party vendor development.
6. Alpha Anywhere uses a standards-based development platform:
  • Cross-Platform compatibility: Alpha Anywhere allows for data-driven business applications to be developed and used on ANY platform, including various kinds of smartphones, tablets (Apple or Android), and of course desktops & laptops.
  • Develop ONCE approach: Alpha Software utilizes a single code base approach to create applications and sites that are designed from the beginning for multiple displays. Developers get to forego coding so they can focus on the report or data regardless of what tool or platform is selected by the user to view it. The completed application will display properly on different sized screens without having to re-create code in the individual environments.
7. Alpha Anywhere plays well with others:

This software is compatible with a wide variety of database environments. These are made available to the developer as well as extensive choices for server side development.

  • Extensive Data Connectivity: Alpha Anywhere has its own built in database engine, it also integrates native drivers for virtually all major database back-ends including Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, My SQL, Oracle, and DB2 which makes it compatible with virtually all of today’s resources and technology.
  • Flexible Server-Side Languages: Alpha Anywhere also gives the developer access to the server-side code at various levels. Developers will be able to use the server-side language of their choice. Typically this is not necessary, but the developer may customize any code generated for their project as desired. Options include Alpha’s own Xbasic or C#, JavaScript, VB.NET, or any .NET framework supported languages (such as C++ etc.).
8. Alpha Anywhere provides reusable code and technology:
  • Alpha Anywhere allows the developer to create Classes & Modules as well as many other features to provide a code-once use many times concept in components, projects and workspaces!  The control of ownership of the development is outstanding If Baptist hospital ever decides to discontinue support and forego future upgrades, it will still own, and more importantly, control everything previously created. Baptist can use previously developed applications and even continue to develop new applications with the last version/upgrade of the software received.

9. Alpha Anywhere is flexible:
  • Scalable: Applications can start small and can be scaled to larger projects with more users with very little effort due to the integration of the robust front-end web development integrated with back-end servers such as SQL. This makes for a truly flexible development environment.
  • Hosting Options: Developed applications can be hosted or deployed on our internal servers or even on a 3rd party server or on Alpha Cloud
  • Enterprise solution ready: It provides for a secure, scalable, portable and easy to manage programming solution while providing business management and information accessibility to the hospital's internal sites, departments and functions.
Baptist Health10. Alpha Anywhere allows us to leverage our existing technology:
  • Untapped resources: This software creates an unprecedented opportunity to utilize just about all hardware available to the staff including desktops, laptops and privately owned smartphones, I-pads, tablets. This allows for a wider distribution of the application allowing developers to leverage existing technology with little or no extra effort to create a higher level of acceptance by the end-user since it is user friendly & easy to access.

With Alpha Anywhere software we will, for the first time, have the ability to quickly create applications that are secure, controllable and provide the information our customers need WHEN they need it. An analyst or programmer can be quickly brought up to speed with just a little bit of training. After installation, they can develop their first basic application the very same day!

In summary: Alpha Anywhere is...

  • Scalable
  • Manageable
  • Cost Effective
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Credible and Secure
  • Cross-platform compatible
  • Works well with other languages
  • Gives us control of the application
  • Provides extensive training & support

Alpha Anywhere is the innovative solution we are looking for!"

AACommunityEdLogoYou can start building apps for free:

Download Alpha Anywhere Community Edition today.

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Jerry Tilden
Jerry Tilden

Programmer/Analyst, Baptist Health System, Jacksonville FL. “Whatever role I accepted, whether it was in the military, teaching electronics and software applications, or repairing the assembly lines for Motorola, I always found myself solving other people’s challenges that had become roadblocks for them. Fast forward to today and that has become my job description; automating and simplifying peoples’ tasks using the latest technologies.”

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