Harnessing the Power of the Smartphone for Business Transformation

Harnessing The Power Of The Smartphone For Business Transformation

A recent survey of 650 IT decision makers from around the globe, found that three quarters of companies are currently undertaking digital transformation initiatives and the consequences for failure are high: 80 percent of the companies said if they don’t finish their initiatives they will lose revenue in the coming year.

80% of companies surveyed said if they don’t finish their digital transformation initiatives they will lose revenue in the coming year.

Amid this urgency, companies are spending a great deal of time and money figuring out the most effective route to business and  digital transformation. But sometimes they overlook the most powerful tool available, one that’s right in the palm of their employees’ hands — their smartphones.

That’s one of the key messages in the Forbes blog post, “What Does A Mobile-First Digital Transformation Strategy Look Like?” Author of the post, Daniel Newman, writes, “To be mobile-first, businesses must begin their digital transformation focused on creating a user experience that is just as effective on mobile devices. The idea is this: if we can create a user experience that converts using a mobile device, the rest of the devices will follow.”

Mobile phones are key to business transformation because of their ubiquity in the workforce. Newman notes: “Ninety percent of millennials state their cell phone never leaves their side and out of the seven billion people on this planet, six billion of them have mobile phones. Businesses can now operate solely on mobile devices with new technologies making connection and collaboration possible.”

Smartphones can be the fastest way for companies to ramp up their business transformation and take advantage of newest transformational technologies. Newman concludes that mobile “is an all-encompassing catalyst for applications, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and other future innovations. Mobility can be used to remove other silos within your business, bringing an end to self-limiting technology and behavior that your digital transformation should bring to an end.” Deploying smartphone apps that leverage a device and intuitive user interface that most users are already familiar with, virtually eliminates the training and technical support costs associated with specialized mobile device usage.

Of course, it’s one thing to know that smartphones have the power to transform business processes, workflows and companies, and another thing to build mobile apps to do it. So how can you harness the power of smartphones for your company?

How Can Companies Quickly Harness the Power of Smartphones without Hiring New Developers?

Alpha TransForm is one productivity tool that can help companies solve business issues, deliver value, and create operational efficiencies and market advantage. Through successful digital transformation projects for a range of customers, Alpha Software understands that digitally-enabled innovation requires the involvement of the whole organization -- not just IT. Companies will only succeed at digital transformation if the apps they’re using are built with a clear understanding of how they must work in the field and what they need to accomplish for the business.  Business requirements gathering helps, but it takes time and a lot of back-and forth communications between IT and business users - costing valuable time when digital transformation must move quickly.  Fast, successful digital transformation requires collaboration between experienced IT developers, who understand security and data, and line of business users (a.k.a., citizen developers), who understand the department's data needs, field activities and daily business processes.

alpha_transform_TMThis is where Alpha Software's Alpha TransForm technology shines. It enables savvy business domain experts and IT departments to work together to quickly and effectively digitize business processes and deliver tangible business impact. TransForm lets line-of-business experts quickly and easily build mobile apps or digitize paper forms using their insight into business processes, while simultaneously enabling IT to control data integration and data security. The TransForm approach is ideal for many companies because it allows the line of business to accomplish digital transformation quickly - producing apps in minutes -- while giving IT the flexibility to further customer any app, if/as needed. (Check out our 90-second video about TransForm, and get more details about TransForm here.)


Try Alpha Transform Yourself! See it in action, access the free trial and start building apps in minutes.


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