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How to Build The SwiftUI 'Landmarks App' for Cross-Platform Use

Apple mobile devices are certainly powerful, but what about the other half of people who use Android Devices? Alpha Software shows you how to use SwiftUI development techniques for cross-platform development.

What is SwiftUI?

SwiftUI is a very popular way to build user interfaces for apps on Apple devices. According to Apple: 

"SwiftUI helps you build great-looking apps across all Apple platforms with the power of Swift — and as little code as possible. With SwiftUI, you can bring even better experiences to all users, on any Apple device, using just one set of tools and APIs."

Developers like SwiftUI because it's easy to learn, offers live preview and easy-to-use design themes, among other technical benefits.

The SwiftUI Landmarks App

To showcase the ease and power of SwiftUI, Apple has the 'Landmarks App,'  a sample mobile app that includes data on and locations of national landmarks around the United States.

The Apple Developer site presents a tutorial showing how to build the Landmarks App in an estimated time of 4 to 5 hours. It's a beautiful app, an impressive demo, and a great way to show new developers how to begin developing in SwiftUI.

The app and tutorial are wonderful if you're only developing for Apple devices, but what if you're an enterprise developer building apps in a BYOB world? Could you build an identical cross-platform application that would run on ALL mobile devices (not just Apple)? Absolutely! 

Applying SwiftUI Design to Cross-Platform Development

In a new pair of videos on Alpha Software's YouTube Channel, Alpha's VP of Mobile Development, Bob Moore, sets out to do just that.

Moore uses the award-winning Alpha Anywhere low-code app development software to show how developers can build cross-platform apps with the capability and designs of Apple apps.

Build Apple SwiftUI App in Alpha Anywhere pt 1
Build Apple SwiftUI App in Alpha Anywhere pt 2

"The purpose of the exercise was to compare the two development options and to show that Alpha Anywhere has the ability to build a mobile app with a modern UI that is comparable to a native iOS app built with Apple’s latest declarative UI framework, SwiftUI." describes Moore.

Building the Landmarks App with Alpha Anywhere Low-Code Software

The two-part video series shows step by step how to create a nearly identical cross-platform application that works on any mobile device. It's yet another great example of Alpha Anywhere's tremendous versatility and value. 

And this demonstration just begins to scratch the surface of what can be accomplished with Alpha Anywhere's unique app development platform. Developers can use the low-code environment to develop, customize and deploy simple to complex web or mobile business apps. The software creates apps that can integrate with systems of record and existing workflows, and add additional security or authentication requirements to protect corporate data. Alpha Anywhere apps also have built-in capability to produce offline apps that can work without a connection.

Watch the Alpha Anywhere Cross-Platform App Development Tutorial 

  Do you want to build cross-platform mobile apps with outstanding user experiences? 

You can develop cross-platform apps with Alpha Anywhere low-code software for free!



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