Mobile Technology Trends for 2019: Here’s What You Need to Know


Mobile Technology Trends for 2019: Here’s What You Need to Know

What are the most important mobile technology trends you should know about for 2019 next year? As always, when late December rolls around, the Internet is rife with predictions. I’ve looked at dozens of them and found two excellent articles that seem to nail what you need to know for next year.

The first article, by Erica Mixon on SearchMobileComputing, “Watch out for these mobile technology trends in 2019,” cites only three trends, but each seems to be right on target. The first trend seems obvious, but the consequences aren’t: “Smartphone get smarter.” That happens every year, of course, but in the coming year it’s especially true, because of big advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Mobile chatbots, virtual assistants and operating systems increasingly use those technologies, and chips from Qualcomm and Huawei have AI capabilities built in.

Mixon says that in 2019, “These advancements will have a profound effect on organizations,” including for security. And she expects AI to be built directly into enterprise mobility management (EMM) suites.

She also expects EMM to morph into unified endpoint management (UEM), which manages not just mobile devices but also desktops, wearables and IoT devices. That will allow enterprises not just to more easily manage all their connected hardware, but to speed up digital transformation by taking advantage of all of their digital assets and integrate them better into the enterprise’s business.

Finally, in 2019, she says, mobile developers will turn to tools that let developers write a single code base that can be used to build both iOS and Android apps. And developers will increasingly build progressive web apps (PWAs), which blend native apps and web apps. She cites Forrester Research’s vice president and principal Michael Facemire as saying PWAs will become the new standard for mobile app development.

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 David Carty weighs in with his own predictions not just for mobile app development, but all development in his blog post on SearchSoftwareQuality, “The 2018 app-dev trends and news that will shape 2019.” There’s not space here to go into every one of his predictions, but one of his most important ones for mobile is “
low code is on the rise.”

He notes, “With enterprise developers in high demand and short supply, low-code platforms are one of several app-dev trends that aim to keep the wheels of software delivery in motion, even if a developer isn't present. Low-code platforms, which Gartner estimated to grow by 55% in the next two years, enable less-technical workers to code mobile apps and functionality.”

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