Alpha TransForm - designed for Building And Deploying Industrial Strength Mobile Dispatch & Data Collection Apps In A Few Minutes (Up to a Few Hours for the Most Complex Apps)

We know there are many mobile forms products on the market, but invariably they run out of power before all the requirements can be met.

For example imagine this very real-world scenario. 

You have technicians servicing multiple models of air conditioning units in buildings but there is no guarantee that there will be a wifi or cellular signal. As part of their work process,  they would need to  scan a bar code on the a/c unit and then be able to look up; the service history, the repair manual or even a repair video for that particular unit. This would be a requirement  that Alpha TransForm could easily meet because of its simple but powerful dedicated language TPL and its manifest system for storing very large amounts of data on mobile devices,

In designing Alpha TransForm our objective was that TransForm should be as quick and easy as possible to get mobile data capture and dispatch apps built and deployed, but at the same time it was essential that TransForm would  inspire confidence, (in the minds of the business developer or professional developers using it,) that it will not run out of power before the job is done.


The way we have achieved this is through this approach

  • Non technical “non-coding” workers in business units can build impressive mobile apps such as these in Alpha TransForm
  • “Power users” in business units (and professional developers) can build mobile apps in Alpha TransForm & can leverage the power & control possible with TPL (TransForm Programming Language), its rich API and its  “on-device” data capabilities to build sophisticated apps like this in a few hours 
  • Finally, if one needs even more power and control, Professional developers can leverage the work done in Alpha TransForm and go further in Alpha Anywhere which has virtually unlimited power to build all kinds  of mobile and web apps

For an overview of some  of the capabilities of Alpha TransForm, we have been running webinars on Tuesday open to everyone.
To register for these webinars please email

Below you will find recordings of webinars that we have held so far:



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Richard Rabins
Richard Rabins

Co-founder of Alpha Software, Richard Rabins focuses on strategy, sales, and marketing. Richard also served as CEO of SoftQuad International from 1997 to 2001, when it owned Alpha. In addition to his 30 years with the company, Richard played a key role as co-founder, and served as president and chairman of the Massachusetts Software Council (now the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council), the largest technology trade organization in Massachusetts. Prior to founding Alpha, Richard was a project leader and consultant with Information Resources, Inc. (IRI), and a management consultant with Management Decision Systems, Inc. Richard holds a master's degree in system dynamics from the Sloan School at MIT, and a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and master's degree in control engineering from University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. He has served on the boards of Silent Systems, Legacy Technology and O3B Networks, and is co-founder of Tubifi

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