Rapid Application Development is the Key to Productivity, but Will Your Solution Run Out of Steam? 

The world of mobile development is much more complex than ever, and therefore approaches that leverage your existing manpower are critical. As a result, RAD or RMAD (Rapid Mobile Application Development) is NOW greater and more valuable than ever, with Gartner predicting that RMAD could account for more than 50% of all mobile development in the coming years. The best mobile apps don’t simply take desktop apps and allow them to run on a mobile device (a web app). Instead, they offer great user experiences and high performance on mobile devices that:
  • Have a wide range of smaller screen sizes
  • Employ variety of different operating systems
  • May or may not have an internet connection (including dealing with confliction resolution when synching)
  • Do not have physical keyboards, but employ a virtual keyboard that must share real estate with the screen)
  • Have less processing horsepower than desktop PCs
  • Have new capabilities including photos, ink, sound, video and geo-location
  • Have scanners, detectors and their own file system
  • Require users to have 1 hand tied up holding the device and only one hand or finger available to input information (requires fundamental rethinking of data entry controls)

While coding these types of features are vitally important to a successful, widely adopted mobile app, they can take significant time. This is where RMAD becomes more important than ever in today’s world of mobile apps. RMAD does a lot of the heavy coding work for you. A Note of Caution However, with the myriad of existing Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools and platforms arriving on the market, it’s important to select a tool that not only promises more productivity, but won’t run out of steam, when things like security, data integration, rich user experiences or rich data capture are needed. RMADS that get you 95% towards your destination are a problem. You need total confidence that the RMAD you select gives you the freedom to add code (client- or server-side using standards) whenever necessary, so that when critical capabilities are needed, your platform won’t run out of steam. The RMAD you select must be able to accomplish the full list of capabilities I’ve outlined above, so that it can meet the requirements of any business app your organization needs. Check out these two videos (the first is shorter and second is longer) that gives you a sense of how Alpha Anywhere will always allow you to complete the mission. Finally rapid application develoment with the assurance that – no matter how complex the application – your team will never hit the wall. 

Video: Alpha Anywhere RAD Overview

Video: Technical Deep Dive of Alpha’s RAD Features

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Amy Groden-Morrison
Amy Groden-Morrison

Amy Groden-Morrison has served more than 15 years in marketing communications leadership roles at companies such as TIBCO Software, RSA Security and Ziff-Davis. Most recently she was responsible for developing marketing programs that helped achieve 30%+ annual growth rate for analytics products at a $1Bil, NASDAQ-listed business integration Software Company. Her past accomplishments include establishing the first co-branded technology program with CNN, launching an events company on the NYSE, rebranding a NASDAQ-listed company amid a crisis, and positioning and marketing a Boston-area startup for successful acquisition. Amy currently serves as a Healthbox Accelerator Program Mentor, Marketing Committee Lead for the MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge Launch Smart Clinics, and on the organizing team for Boston TechJam. She holds an MBA from Northeastern University.

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