Building Mobile Apps With Fewer Developers Using Rapid Mobile App Development

Mobile business apps are in high demand, and as the mobile market increases, the demand for enterprise mobile apps grows. To build these apps, businesses need to hire developers skilled in creating mobile and smartphone applications. A new study from Glassdoor finds that it's taking longer and longer to find and hire application developers. If you need apps and Web sites developed fast that means you're in trouble, because it can take up to a month or more to hire someone. And only then can development begin on mobile and web apps.

The study, by Dr. Andrew Chamberlain, Chief Economist for Glassdoor, examined 344,250 interview reviews in six countries. Not surprisingly, it found that the more complex the job, the longer it took to hire someone. (Go here for the complete report.)

It takes, on average, 35 days to hire a software engineer. For a senior developer, it takes 28.3 days. For a Web applications developer, the number is 24.5 days. So if you need to hire an iOS developer to critical B2B/B2E apps, for example, you're in trouble. Not only will your launch be delayed because of how long it will take to hire someone, but you'll be spending a lot of extra money -- finding and hiring a high-priced specialist, and then paying a lofty salary.

But what if you could leverage the employees you already have to develop the mobile apps you need and skip the outside search for mobile app developers?

Rapid Mobile App Development to the Rescue

It needn't be that way. You don't need to hire high-priced engineers. Instead, you can use a Rapid Mobile App Development (RMAD) tool like Alpha Anywhere for your existing staff to develop mobile and Web apps. With RMAD not only can your development staff create those apps, but domain experts and line-of-business staff can as well.

What exactly is a Rapid Mobile App Development (RMAD) tool? It's a complete end-to-end tool for quickly building mobile apps, including backend integration and front-end app development. The best of them take a low-code or no-code approach to building apps so that someone with little experience can quickly build a mobile app.

Gartner's "Market Guide for Rapid Mobile App Development Tools" puts RMAD benefits succinctly: "Users for these tools can come from many areas of an organization, and are not concerned with the intricate details of mobile app mechanics. Their object is to produce useful apps as rapidly and as easily as they might create a presentation using a typical office productivity suite."

Gartner says Rapid Mobile App Development (RMAD) is the wave of the future. The Gartner report notes "By 2018, more than half of all business-to-employee (B2E) mobile apps will be created by enterprise business analysts using codeless tools." And it concludes, "IT leaders can use these rapid development tools to address the global shortage of skilled mobile software engineers by increasing the pool of people who can deliver mobile apps."

Alpha Anywhere is one of the most highly rated RMAD tools. InfoWorld named it a top mobile app development leader and enterprises give it a perfect score on Gartner Peer Insights.
“I thought it was marketing hype. I was wrong, Alpha delivers on what they promise.” - Director of IT (source: Gartner Peer Insights)
So if you don't want to wait months to hire the right developers, want to save money and get mobile apps launched fast, you'd do well to start using a RMAD tool like Alpha Anywhere. Go here for more details, including a free trial.

To read another article on how rapid mobile app development can help organizations build more mobile apps with view developers,click here.

For more details about Alpha Anywhere’s RMAD capabilities, click here.
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RMAD: Meet Skyrocketing Development Demand for Mobile Apps

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