Alpha TransForm Release Notes

We're pleased to announce that a new version of Alpha TransFrom has been released. As with every release, we continue to focus on improving Alpha TransForm. This release includes several notable changes, bug fixes, and performance enhancements.

New in Version 9.1

Here is a summary of the new features:

New Data Editor in Management Console – In the past, the Management console included a bare bones data editor, which you could use when entering and editing forms. In this new version, a full-featured data editor is now available that supports choice lists, photos, TPL and other features that were previously only found in the Mobile Filler and Web Filler apps.

Quick Link Enhancements – QuickLink lets you generate a link that you can send via email or SMS. When the recipient opens the link, they are brought directly to a particular TransForm form in the TransForm web filler. You can now specify additional parameters when creating these links, such as the margin size of the screen and whether the form should be for display only.

Email OnSubmit Enhancements – The email address, subject and other parameters were previously hardcoded into the event. These can now be specified dynamically using either JavaScript or TPL. Furthermore, Alpha Anywhere (a companion product to Alpha TransForm) now includes new options in the OnSubmit builder to make it easier to set this up. 

TPL Now Allowed in OnSubmit Conditions – TPL can now be used in the conditions for OnSubmit actions. This allows you to make decisions based on form data and, it makes it easier for people who prefer to write expressions in TPL rather than JavaScript. 

OnSubmit Action Log – In the past when onSubmit events occurred, there was no way to see if they were successful. In this version, you can now access a log of events to see which events executed and which did not.

Faster Load Times in TransForm Central – Previously, some of the tabs in the TransForm Central interface were somewhat slow to load – especially when these tabs were loaded for the first time. Load times have now been optimized in this version, for a smoother experience.

Filler App Autosave – Alpha TransForm can now upload forms from the Mobile Filler application automatically if the user has not done so in a certain period of time. For this to work,
the application needs to be open and on the list of forms screen. 

Embeddable Filler – Developers can now add the TransForm data editor into their own applications. The editor is embedded into an iframe and communicates with the application in which it is embedded. 

TPL Improvements – One of the many TPL improvements is the ability to add Extra Field Settings to a form command. One of the uses for this advanced feature is to allow you to create a single block of validation code that can be used across many different form commands. This makes it practical to add error checking to even very large forms. The settings can also be used with Render Functions. 

Integrated Video Instructions – Each tab in TransForm Central now includes the option to play a short video demonstrating how the tab is used. Access to these videos can be turned on and off from the new Videos menu choice in the More section of the Home tab. 


Android 13 Compatibility – Issues resolving Android 13 compatibility have been resolved, and the mobile app should install properly. 

Better Handling of Unset Dates in Filler – When you move from field to field entering data in the filler application, if you come to a date field and leave it unset before continuing, the interface now makes it more clear to the user that the date has not been set.

Getting Started Section – There is a new Start section on the Home tab to give you access to three most common activities in TransForm: filling out a form, designing a form, and reviewing data. 




Past TransForm Releases

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