Most Months Smartphone Users Download Zero Apps – Get Yours Noticed

An article in Quartz, by Tech Editor Dan Frommer, “Most Smartphone Users Download Zero Apps Per Month,” highlights the challenges B2C mobile app developers are having trying to break through the clutter and get their new apps noticed.

Citing a comScore report, Frommer shared some surprising data:

-        Apps now represent 52% of time spent with digital media in the US, up from 40% in 2013
-        Only 1/3 of smartphone users download any apps in an average month
-        The top 7% of smartphone users account for nearly half of all download activity each month
-        42% of all app time spent on smartphones occurs on the individual’s single most used app

Source - Quartz: comScore Mobility Report

Source – Quartz: comScore Mobility Report

With most US smartphone owners not downloading any apps in a typical month, many new apps never get recognized, downloaded or used. The article criticizes’ the Apple Store’s ability to showcase new apps, calling out the vendor for keeping app store visitors focused on the most popular apps, and potentially missing clever new apps.

So what’s a savvy B2B developer supposed to take away from these numbers?  To get the highest adoption and usage rate from business users, your web or mobile app must have stellar usability and be a daily work tool. It cannot be an occasional tool for users, but become an essential part of their daily ritual. If you have an enterprise app store, make sure it has great search tools and regularly features a wide variety of new apps so that employees or business partners have a chance to see new apps – or helpful older ones – that may be most helpful to them.

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