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White Paper: Enterprise Developers Rank
Critical Requirements for Success
in the Coming Mobile App Explosion

White Paper: Enterprise Developers Rank Critical Requirements for Success in the Coming Mobile App Explosion

Surveying the Business Benefits of Low Code Business Application Platforms

The demand for enterprise mobile apps is booming. That puts tremendous pressure on developers to deliver mobile applications fast, at a low cost, and with as many features as possible. But given business requirements and all the capabilities of mobile devices, which features are becoming the most critical to build into enterprise apps?

Alpha Software commissioned Bock & Company to survey 2,000 developers to find out which features developers and end-users consider critical to success. The majority of those surveyed, 63%, plan to develop up to five mobile apps in 2016 and 23% expect to develop six or more apps. Developers and end-users want rapid delivery of mobile app solutions to improve business practices, creating better experiences for their customers, partners and employees.

Of the enterprise developers surveyed:

  • 63% plan to develop up to 5 mobile apps in 2016
  • 23% expect to develop more than 6 mobile apps in 2016
  • Over 77% cite easy backend data integration, offline support, cross platform functionality, and an easy-to-use in-app keyboard as 'must have' features
  • Over 80% of end-users consistently identify ease-of-data capture, security, and the increased productivity of mobile field workers as essential to the success of their mobile apps

For developers, this means finding the right platforms to deliver security, offline capabilities and back-end integration. It's all about speed and improved performance and developers are poised to take on the coming mobile app boom successfully.

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