Alpha Anywhere App Deployment & Management Tools

Simple solutions to deploy and manage your apps

How can I deploy my application?

Deploying your Alpha Anywhere applications can be as hands-on or hands-off as you desire. Alpha Anywhere applications can be self-hosted, hosted by third-party ISPs and cloud services, or deployed on the Alpha Cloud. We also offer Alpha Launch as an enterprise mobile app distribution option.



Alpha Cloud 

Alpha Cloud was engineered as a continuously monitored and fully managed solution with redundancy, security, scalability and failover built right in.

Traditional self-hosting requires not only the hardware and software to run your applications, but the space to house your servers, plus skilled people to manage, maintain, and monitor systems 24/7 to keep things running smoothly. With Alpha Cloud, we take care of installing and maintaining your server software needed to run  your Alpha Anywhere applications, allowing you to focus on building your business applications. In addition, Alpha Cloud offers the following advantages:

  • Direct publishing to the Cloud from within Alpha Anywhere

  • Domain name support

  • Create multiple sites and test environments

  • Multi-region support

  • Publish to any Alpha Anywhere version

  • TLS/SSL support

  • Automatic scaling to handle increased demand

  • Tenancy control

  • Integrated rollback and deployment scheduling

  • Fine-grained control of resource management

  • Failover support

  • Administrative controls for your Dev Team

Self Hosting

The Alpha Anywhere Application Server can be installed on any virtual or dedicated machine running a Windows Server 2008 or higher operating System. 

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Mobile App Distribution

AlphaLaunch Icon.png

Alpha Launch

We've built a platform for deploying your mobile applications without needing to go through the complex process of provisioning profiles and submitting applications for review to public app stores.  The Alpha Launch app lets you download, manage, and run apps created with the Alpha Anywhere development system. Alpha Anywhere apps use HTML5 technology and can access native functionality using Cordova/PhoneGap. Quickly deploy your Alpha Anywhere application sto your users through Alpha Launch or have us build a custom-branded application for exclusive use by your corporation. (Alpha Launch also typically requires back-end hosting.)

Publish to App Stores

Alpha Anywhere applications built with CordovaCLI can be distributed to users using public app stores such as the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Cordova is framework for building iOS and Android applications using HTML, CSS, and JS web technologies.

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