The Ultimate Video Training Series for Alpha Anywhere

Comprehensive Training Video Series Unlocks the Power and Secrets of Alpha Anywhere

Alpha Anywhere GiantKillerTraining

This series is the ultimate training series for getting the most out of the Alpha Anywhere low-code development environment. 

Produced by expert Alpha Anywhere developer, Dion McCormick, this 17-course training set covers web development, mobile app development, and API programming with Alpha Anywhere. It includes:

  • 17 Courses
  • 525 Lessons
  • 492 Video lessons
  • 51 hours 16 minutes of video content

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App Training How to Build Mobile Apps
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Kudos from Trainees:

Thumbs Up
  • "Been meaning to tell you what a fantastic training tool Giant Killer Training is!  I’ve been going through the 101 Course and find it explains the main concepts well."
  • "I think you covered the material well, going through each required step with just the right pace.  Great work Dion.
  • "Looks awesome. I wish I had this when I first started using Alpha!"
  • "Well-paced and detailed - I like it!"

From the Instructor:

"Despite extensive Alpha Anywhere videos, documentation, and standard training, I am amazed at all the remarkable time-saving Alpha Anywhere features that developers are not aware of. This training uncovers powerful capabilities and shows you how to do things in minutes vs. hours."Mobile app development course instructor

- Dion McCormick, Instructor

Courses on How to Build Web Apps

Alpha 101: Introduction to Web Development with Alpha Anywhere.

Kick start your Alpha Anywhere web development skills with this powerful course. Starting with the basics, this course will get you up and running quickly on the Alpha Anywhere development system and developing your first data driven web application. The course includes over 6 hours of step by step video including extras!
By the end of this course you will be able to confidently use the Alpha Anywhere development system to build a data driven web application.

Alpha 102: Advanced Web Development with Alpha Anywhere.

This course will take your Alpha Anywhere web application development skills to the next level. We will cover:
  • Grid Row Expander
  • Linked Grids
  • Field formatting and client side calculations.
  • Linking Grid and UX components together.
  • Embedded Grids in UX Components
  • Single Record Reports
  • Multi-Record Reports
  • Sub-reports
  • Tabbed UI tab panes with Grids and UX components.
  • Much, much more!

Alpha 103: Advanced Grids with Alpha Anywhere

This powerful course will show you how to take the Alpha Anywhere grid component and add incredible functionality to your system. Techniques such as:
  • Row Expander Grids
  • Linked Grids
  • Mapping
  • Totaling
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Embedded Grids

Alpha 104: Advanced UX Components with Alpha Anywhere (for Building Mobile and Web Apps)

Expand your understanding of how to use the Alpha Anywhere UX component to build very powerful user interfaces. The UX component is the core of your Alpha Anywhere system. 
We will be covering the following core topics in the Advanced UX Components with Alpha Anywhere:
  • Panel card core technology.
  • Panel Layout control and associated panel behaviors.
  • Panel Navigator control and its use on web and mobile interfaces.
  • Quick Panels - Ability to quickly generate complex panel structures quickly and easily.
  • Built in alternative record navigation capabilities.
  • Deep dive into the UX server side event lifecycle. This allows you to take fine level control of your UX user interface.
  • The three types of field validation for UX controls. Validation Rules, Javascript Validation and Xbasic Validation.
  • Building data editing systems using the List/Detail View UX controls.
  • Offline data editing and data conflict management using the List control.
  • Building one page web and mobile interfaces for improved user experiences.

Alpha 105: Alpha Anywhere Security System

Security System Initialization and Configuration. Including user groups (roles) and users. How to apply the security system to your components to restrict access to to resources based on user groups. Using the Extended User Information Table to maintain extended information about your users and use that information to drive functionality in grid and UX components. Implement the built in UX Security Templates that allow you to add “self-management” security to the system while deployed. We will also cover some other built in features that are enabled in the Alpha Anywhere system when security is activated.

Alpha 106: Introduction to Web Dashboards with Alpha Anywhere.

Alpha Anywhere is a fantastic tool for building web and mobile dashboards. The Alpha Anywhere platform has fantastic data connection capabilities combined with easy to use graphic user interfaces to display that data. This fun and informative course walks you through the process of building a web dashboard using Alpha Anywhere.

Courses on How to Build Mobile Apps

Alpha 201: Introduction to mobile development with Alpha Anywhere

Connecting your mobile application to a back end SQL data source
Using the built in mobile UX component template to quickly build your first mobile application. Add images, buttons and other navigation items to your mobile application. Using the built in Action Javascript to provide navigation and other behaviors to your mobile application. Using the new ControlBar technology to add powerful headers and footer control areas. Adding a list/detail view combination to display and edit data both online and offline. Data field formatting to present a clean user interface to your users. Updating and synchronizing data offline. Adding a map to your mobile application to present customer maps to your users. Using the built in Remote Testing facility to test your mobile application on your mobile device.

Alpha 202: Advanced mobile development with Alpha Anywhere

Topics include:
  • Enhancing the navigation of the application using the ControlBar control.
  • Adding Action Javascript to the ControlBar to enable navigation behaviors.
  • Add field formatting to better display customer data.
  • Use the semi-circular display to make it easy for the user to understand customer data.
  • Add a child list to show parent-child customer survey data that is fully editable online and offline.
  • Mobile optimized field controls to the survey data capture.
  • Add signature and image capture to the survey system.
  • Leverage advanced ControlBar functionality for an improved user experience.
  • Capture device location data automatically during survey collection.

Course For Publishing and Consuming APIs

Alpha 300: Introduction to Web Services using Alpha Anywhere.

This introductory course will walk you through the steps on how you can consume and publish web api's using the built in Alpha Anywhere tools. To demonstrate consuming web services, we will take a common use case of checking the strength of a password and incorporate a public API to use that in an Alpha Anywhere application.


Q: Are these online course presented live or are they on demand? 

A: All courses are available on-demand.

Q: What requirements do I need to have? 

A: Familiarity with Alpha Anywhere is desirable, but not necessary.

Q: If multiple people from my organization want to attend, what are my options? 

A: Quantity discounts for multiple attendees are available, please contact us for further details.

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More Praise from Trainees:

"The GiantKillerTraining Alpha Anywhere training series is, by far, superior to nearly anything else I’ve seen. The quality of material is outstanding. The pace of the training is nearly ideal. Thank you, again for such a high quality product!" -- Daniel Reed, Utility Data Systems of Texas, LLC

"The GiantKillerTraining courses have provided me with a great understanding of the Alpha Anywhere platform.  I have saved an enormous amount of time compared to trying to learn it on my own.  This understanding is providing me what I need to rapidly build great web applications with Alpha!  GiantKillerTraining has done a great job at producing these training series. I wish I had these 3 or 4 years ago!" -- David Weinstein, Besttech


"I am really enjoying the GiantKillerTraining system.  I am already and experienced Alpha Anywhere developer, but the training has provided me new insights and techniques that are very helpful to my development.  In fact, I had one aspect of my system I could never get to work right, but the training solved that riddle for me." -- Chris Christensen


"We purchased the training for our development team.  One was a new employee hungry to learn the Alpha Platform.  Having foundational training for this employee has been a huge plus.  The training has significantly accelerated his ability to start being productive and deliver on the initial project requirements.   In fact, he was able to assist our net admin yesterday on something that he recalled in from the training, so we have seen immediate return from the training..   The second employee is a report writer and is using the training to expand his ability to tackle complex issues they are dealing with." -- Jim Roberts, Systems 3000


"I recently signed up for the Alpha Anywhere training offered through Alpha Software with Mr. Dion McCormick of Giant Killer Training as the Instructor. I started working with Alpha Software in 2008, having moved from Microsoft Access.  The class consists of at least 10 modules of excellent training for both beginning through advanced users.  I have finished the first two modules,  Alpha 100 – Alpha Anywhere Install and Alpha 101 – Introduction to web development with Alpha Anywhere.  While I have worked with Alpha Software  for a number of years, I found both classes exceptional.  I learned a lot of things that I missed over the years in working with Alpha.   Dion is an excellent Instructor, very attentive to your comments and questions and responds in real time to the comments or questions asked.   I would highly recommend that all Alpha users take the courses offered.   I know very little about the advanced features utilizing Xbasic and Javascript and I hope to be able to advance my skills to a much higher level with the help of Alpha Software and GiantKillerTraining.   You will find Dion’s method of training exceptional and learn a lot." --Steve Matranga, Sacramento, CA


"GiantKillerTraining has the best quality training material available for both new and experienced Alpha Software developers. In my opinion the training should be required when developing with Alpha products. It is really that good!" -- Robert Hoggan, FleetNotes Ltd


"GiantKillerTraining videos are wealth of information that I can use right away. I needed to get a API up and running and watching the Alpha 300 course got me started and up and running in no time. The videos are well made, clear, and to the point with information you can use.  I recommend these videos as a great resource and I’m looking forward to new ones coming out." -- Chuck Stewart, REOTEMP Instruments


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