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Alpha Anywhere Webcast 2020 Jan 22 - ControlBar Menus & Extended User Security w/ Dion, Dave & Sarah

Alpha Anywhere Webcast 2020 Jan 22 - ControlBar Menus & Extended User Security w/ Dion, Dave & Sarah

Sarah Shows Xbasic Guide (6:13)
Dion's Overview (8:10)
Down Menus in the ControlBar (9:17)
Dion builds UX with Drop Down Menus (10:27)
Using the ControlBar Builder (12:27)
Dion Fills Menu Data with Tree Builder Genie (16:23)
Include Icons (17:28)
Seeing the Menu in JSON Data Format (18:47)
Menu as Xbasic Array (19:17)
Defining ControlBar Layout (20:09)
Checking Our Progress in Working Preview (21:57)
Displaying Menu from Cascading to Expanding (24:31)
Adding a Second Menu (25:39)
Building Menu from an Xbasic Function (26:01)
Adding Second Menu to ControlBar Layout (27:57)
Refreshing Menu Data (30:07)
Q&A: When you have a cascading menu, can you change the arrow direction? (31:40)
Q&A: Could you use a UX without Panels? (33:43)
What is Extended User Security Info (34:14)
Demonstrating Extended User Security Info(37:28)
How to build it (40:20)
Changing Style (43:45)
Connecting UX to Data in Data Binding Section (44:44)
OnDialogInitialize in Server-side Events (48:30)
afterDialogValidate (50:04)
Q&A: Could you write a script that would add a User and a Role at the same time? (56:43)
Q&A: Is there a way to secure/encrypt columns in the table ?(59:01)

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