Alpha Software Debuts AlphaRef KJV - A High Performance, Responsive App Built in HTML5 with a Low-Code Platform

Users Surprised That Responsive and Innovative App is Not Hand-Written Native Code; App Squashes the Misconception that HTML5 Can't Deliver Performance and Polish Needed for Business Apps

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BURLINGTON, MA. June 24, 2014 Alpha Software Corporation today announced that its new "AlphaRef™ KJV"app is winning praise as an innovative and fundamentally better approach for reading reference material on mobile devices. The app uses the King James Version of the Bible as a large, sample document to demonstrate this reading approach. The app was built in Alpha Anywhere -- a low-code development environment that can create multi-platform PhoneGap-wrapped HTML5 apps. 

Low-code application development environments have received more attention recently, as companies look beyond hand-coding to speed their rate of business app development in order to be competitive in the web and BYOD mobile era. Earlier this month, Forrester Research, Inc. issued a report, "New Development Platforms Emerge For Customer-Facing Applications," that analyzed the growing adoption of low-code application development offerings. The report, which includes Alpha Software's "Alpha Anywhere" low-code environment, indicates that companies are increasingly choosing low-code alternatives for fast, continuous and iterative development and delivery. Alpha Software created the AlphaRef KJV app using Alpha Anywhere, to demonstrate in a public app that Alpha Anywhere can rapidly produce polished and fast business apps that are ready for prime time. 

Although some still debate HTML5's ability to deliver on the performance and UI required for business apps, AlphaRef KJV proves why this is an outdated misconception in the market. "The reaction from experienced developers and users has been overwhelmingly positive," said Richard Rabins, CEO of Alpha Software Corporation. "When viewing AlphaRef KJV, people assume it has been assembled in native code and focus only on how cool and innovative it is and how well it addresses the problem of changing document reading from a linear to an interactive experience on mobile devices. When they realize the scope of its flexibility, they invariably ask about using it for their own needs, and are confident that they can customize the app using developers they already have in-house." 

"When I first saw documentation in AlphaRef Reader, I was amazed with the speed and level of interaction in the app," said Greg Zilliox, IT director at the P&A Group, an employee benefits provider based in Buffalo, NY. "I can't keep up with all of the amazing functionality Alpha is adding - soon this will be mainstream software in companies everywhere." 

"The point is you can quickly build business apps with Alpha Anywhere and HTML5 that have the performance and polish needed for mainstream business apps," said industry veteran Dan Bricklin, Alpha Software's CTO. "I've shown AlphaRef KJV to developer friends who are well aware of my use of Alpha Anywhere. They are so impressed by the user interface and performance that they still ask after the demo, is this HTML5 or not? This app is evidence that HTML5 is certainly up to the level needed for the myriad of B2E apps needed by businesses responding to mobile employees and business opportunities." 

To see a video of the sample app in action, or for more information, visit The AlphaRef KJV is available on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Alpha Anywhere is available for a 30-day free trial Dan Bricklin's essay about his experience creating AlphaRef Reader is available at

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